Q and A with James Wylder

Photo Courtesy of Cascade Facebook page
Photo Courtesy of Cascade Facebook page

James Wylder is a talented poet out of Elkhart, IN.  He has the ability to turn any topic into a work of art.  I have known James for a long time and he has always been a great writer.  Take a look at this interview with our first artist outside of music.

BS: How long have you been writing poetry more professionally?

JW: I had my first poem published in 2010 in “Kennings” so a little more then two years. I’ve been writing poetry just for my own enjoyment for longer then I know.

BS: Is there anything specific that you typically write about?

JW: I don’t write about any one topic predominantly, I go through bursts of writing about one topic, but even when I try to focus on one topic of writing, I always vary things up a bit. I write poems about people I know, feelings, things I like, characters,

For example, recently I tried writing some love poems, because its a subject I have avoided because I felt it would be a bit trite to write about. After a while I wrote some real oddities in the poetic sequence, such a poem where I compared a woman I know to a ‘weeping angel’ from the TV show “Doctor Who”.

BS: What would you say is the most out there or odd poem you’ve written?

JW: I would say it’s the Shakespearian Sonnet I wrote about the Masterchief from “Halo.” The contrast between the classical style and the subject matter always tickles me a bit.

BS: What inspires your poems?

JW: My poems are inspired by things within my life. Poetry is a very personal medium, and its one of the hardest to get truly good at because of it. I try to make myself write poems on topics I don’t usually all the time, to keep myself fresh. If you spend too much time waiting around for life to happen to you, nothing will happen, so I force inspiration upon myself, find new things, new places, new things to write about.

BS: Could you walk us through your typical writing process?

JW: A lot of my poetry comes from sudden momentary inspiration, so grabbing a napkin or keeping a notebook on me, but sometimes I sit down and spawn ideas around a set topic, or by choosing objects and forcing myself to write about them. I’ll keep writing until I have enough material, and then condense it, straining out the unfiltered fluff.

BS: You are working on a book of poetry called Cascade. What brought this book about?

JW: Cascade in the culmination of years of poetry writing. I’ve been working on poetry, just for my own pleasure, for a long time. When I finally started sharing it with people, they seemed to like it far more then I ever expected them to. I compiled the best of what I had and released it as an ebook about two years ago, and the response was… That people wanted a physical book rather then an electronic one.

I didn’t have the money to self publish a book of poetry, and getting a publisher to back a new poet is very difficult, since poetry is a pretty niche market, so I couldn’t do anything but put the project on the backburner. I forgot about it, until Kickstarter came about. Finally there was a way for me to feasibly make this book without going broke, and to give people what they’d always been asking me for. I started compiling the rest of the poetry I’d written since the original ebook, and the book has now doubled in size.

BS: What information can you give us about it?

JW: Cascade is made up of different chapters of poetry, each on a different subject, as well as the full text of a play I wrote called “Paper Gods” as an appendix. The chapters include poetry about love, beauty, books, movies, videogames, the illusions of modern society, pain, anguish, and joy.

BS: You currently have a Kickstarter set up to help you get the book printed. What can you tell us about the campaign?

JW: The Kickstarter will fund the creation of a physical copy of the book Cascade, including paying a cover artist, and formatting and editing the book for publication.

BS: How has it been going so far?

JW: Its been going great! We reached our goal to produce the book itself, and now we’re onto stretch goals. The book is continually improving, and the rewards are getting better the more money that comes in. It’s exciting to see this dream coming true.

BS: How much longer do people have to donate, and how can they go about donating?

JW: They have till Monday the 28th of January to donate. To do so, just go to Kickstarter and use your amazon.com account to send the funds. It’s very simple, and really easy. [to donate click Here]

BS: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers out there?

JW: Just that words are one of the most powerful things we have as people. We can say things that do a lot of good or a lot of harm, by our own choices or my accident. I made a book of poems, with plenty to say. And if you like poetry, or just words in general, you should take a look at it. You might be surprised what you find inside.

Below James recorded two videos of poetry readings from Cascade exclusively for BareBones.  Enjoy and comment below with your thoughts.

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