5 Albums That Are Truly Unforgettable

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You receive an album and you put it in. The sound starts to filter through your speakers. At once your eyes glaze over as you are completely consumed with the music. 13 songs later and you cannot believe the pure magic you just heard. You play the whole album again just to prove to yourself it wasn’t a fluke. Finally relenting to it’s brilliance you realize this has instantly became one of your all time favorite albums.

Many bands dream of making one of these unforgettable listening experiences for their fans. We have experienced this phenomenon ourselves and decided to count down 5 pretty much perfect albums we have received in our 6 years of business that fit this description. Albums that we knew the second we were holding it that it was something special and it was going to blow up when released!


Famous Last Words – Two Faced Charade (2013) [usr=5]

Two Faced Charade cover art


I’m not quite sure where to start on this one. The album is easily in my top 3 favorite albums of all time! This album was simply just perfect in my opinion. Famous Last Words tells an awesome story throughout the album along with unforgettable vocals and instrumentals. I frequently pop this album back in and listen to it a few times through at a time. I have the album in physical and digital, the movie, and a shirt in my collection. Now I just need like a copy of the illustrated story or a prop, hint hint. Just kidding. This album is an absolute must have!

Pick the album up: (iTunes

Set It Off – Cinematics (2012) [usr=5]

Signed copy of Cinematics from Set It Off

Set It Off released an absolute masterpiece of an album in Cinematics. The band showcased their range with being able to bring something for everyone on the album. The album features intense vocals, theatrical tunes, and brings on the emotions too. Listen to “Dad’s Song”, and try to tell me that it doesn’t move you to at the very least almost tears. I think of my grandpa every time I hear the song and cry just about every time. This whole album could have been hit singles, honestly. Every song is stellar. Give this classic (would we consider it classic yet?) Set It Off album a spin.

Pick the album up: (iTunes)





ISSUES – Black Diamond EP (2012) [usr=5]

Black Diamonds EP cover art


This EP was the world’s first look at ISSUES, and boy did they kick it off with a bang! Many of the band’s fan favorite songs are from this EP. Black Diamonds really showcased something fresh and new to the scene that people latched on to right away. Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn were a perfect match vocally showing that they still had that chemistry, and then bringing in all different elements to build this epic band.  Black Diamonds will have you tearing it up right with them the second you pop it in!

Pick up the album: (iTunes)

Blacktop Mojo – Burn the Ships (2017) [usr=5]

Burn the Ships cover art

This album was something fresh and had a great rock/southern rock feel to it. Everything felt very authentic and the songs are so damn catchy. We were taking a vacation, and this was one of the albums I decided to take with me to check out for a possible review. I listened to the album on repeat a few times that trip as it just instantly gripped me. That “Dream On” cover too, is just superb.

Pick up the album: (iTunes)






RIVALS – Damned Soul (2018) [usr=5]

Damned Soul cover art


Simply put there just isn’t a miss on this album. Every song is a jam. You have songs that span various genre stylings, powerful vocals, killer riffs, etc. The album is just great. Now I know it is not out yet, but it will be soon. Are you counting down the days? Make sure to pick it up the moment it hits shelves.

Pick up this album (Pre-order; releases 2/2): (iTunes)






Honorable Mentions

City Lights – In It To Win It (2011) [usr=5] (Just outside the 6 years we’ve been around) 

In It to Win It cover art











Outline in Color – Struggle (2016) [usr=4.5]

Struggle cover art












Chin Up, Kid – Swing With Your Eyes Closed (2017) [usr=4.75]

Swing With Your Eyes Closed Cover Art


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