5 Year Anniversary!

5 years ago, I had the idea to get back into writing and follow my passion for music and entertainment. I wanted to do things my way, and not have to work on what other people wanted me to. My dream was to start my own site that focused on the actual art of music, writing, etc. and none of the bullshit on the side. I wanted to work with the artists that I thought were talented and deserved a voice, a way to get their music and art out there more. If you would like to skip this sappiness and move on to the videos and other cool stuff below feel free!

I reached out to a talented band on Facebook called The Silver Comet that was going to be playing on the Vans Warped Tour in 2012, and asked if they would like to do an interview. They were my first piece I did for the (original) site. Check it here! I reached out to a couple bands on that tour, and was able to secure an interview with I Fight Dragons too. That first year I met some bands that would go on to be good friends of mine Famous Last Words, Set It Off, Picture Me Broken, and The Background.

In the following years, I can’t believe the artists that I have had the opportunity to work with. I have had the sincere pleasure to be able to work with Max Bemis, Hawthorne Heights, Trapt, Bowling For Soup, Echosmith, ISSUES, and so many more. We’ve enjoyed hosting our annual BareBones Awards which has featured winners such as Set It Off, Alesana, Famous Last Words, Chris Hornbrook and more! Lastly I would like to mention some publicists and friends that have been a big deal to the success of BareBones Ent: Jen Appel, Mike Abiuso, and Wendy Ford. Thank you to you 3, your teams, and everyone else that we have had the opportunity to work with.

Thank you to everyone for sticking it out with us all these years and to keep flying with us as only bigger things are coming!

Barebones Anniversary Week Content!

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Some Special Messages

Special thanks to:

Jen Appel and Stephanie and Maksimow – Catalyst Publicity Group (FaceBook)

Famous Last Words (FaceBook)

Hayride Casualties (FaceBook)

The New Resistants (FaceBook)

Mike Abiuso and Behind The Curtains Media (FaceBook)

Bethany Becker (FaceBook)