Arcbeatle Press Releases WARSONG: Preludes

Arcbeatle Press are re-releasing the original 6 novellas. The first 3 released on April 26th to the public for purchase. They are titling these releases at the Warsong: Preludes.

Warsong is based on the WARS trading card game by Decipher Inc. The entirety of the Warsong: Preludes was made available on May 5th, 2022. Warsong: Preludes is written by Nathan P. Butler (Star Wars Tales, 10,000 Dawns), Sean E. Williams (Wonder Woman, Fairest), and Jim Perry (Bladewielders), and is published by Arcbeatle Press (several licensed Doctor Who spin-off book series and 10,000 Dawns)

Arcbeatle Press founder and old BareBones friend James Wylder said the below about the re-release in a press release:

“Bringing WARSONG back to readers has been a passion of mine, and one we’ve worked hard for here,” said Arcbeatle Press founder James Wylder. “The Battle of Phobos series was sadly cut short before its completion, and we’re excited to bring those stories back, in a richer and deeper form than they would have been otherwise.”

After the release of the previously released novellas, Arcbeatle Press will finish the Saga with the unreleased final three novellas containing the series’ epic climax, as well as a reworked version of the ‘lost’ original version of one of the tales. “Readers will be in for a real treat with this series, and with our new edition of WARSONG: Preludes, a whole new generation of readers will have the chance to experience these stories filled with adventure, heartbreak, action, and drama,” Wylder said.”

The books can be picked up HERE!

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