Artist Spotlight: Dear You

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I Can Only Blame Myself Cover Art
I Can Only Blame Myself Cover Art

I Can Only Blame Myself is an EP that is full of heart. This EP brings you everything you can want as a music lover from deep and personal lyrics, powerful vocals, and beats you can jam to. The band and their label Third String Records had a lot to prove with this being their first release together, and I would say they delivered.
If you’re itching for some new pop punk pick up this album on iTunes for just $5.94!

Favorite Tracks:
This is How You Rewrote Yourself
I Can Only Blame Myself

Photo Courtesy of Dear You
Photo Courtesy of Dear You

Dear You is a pop punk band out of Texas that has been quickly making a name for themselves in the scene. Dear You has had a long relationship with Third String out of Dallas, TX, and was the first band signed when Third String started their record label up again. Dear You just recently released their first release with Third String, and fans seem pleased. The band is made up of Chris Roach on guitar and vocals, guitarist Thomas Marsella, and drummer Louis Moore. Take a gander at what the band had to say when they chatted with BareBones Ent? (Did I really say gander?)

BS: How did Dear You come together?
After playing in various different bands together in high school, Louis and Chris decided that it was time to kind of take their music to a more serious level and started Dear You. We Found Thomas a few years back from playing with his old band and after that project ended we felt like he was the right fit for us and our music.

BS: What do you think it is about your music that makes it special?
It’s honest and it’s every bit us. We don’t try to mold our sound to be someone we aren’t. Every piece of music you ever hear from us is completely, one hundred percent, Chris, Louis, and Thomas.

BS: If you could have wrote any song in history, what would it be and why?
Great question! Hmmmm it would have been awesome to have been apart of a song like “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. It’s such an interesting and unique song and it’s also incredibly catchy and iconic.

BS: Recently you signed on with Third String Records. How did that come about?
We have been in a close relationship with Mike [Ziemer] the owner for a little over a year now and he came to us with the idea to start this label and told us he believed in us and really wanted us to be the first band he took on as apart of this venture.

BS: How has that been so far?
It’s been amazing. Mike has been working so hard for us and really pushing us to be better as a band and as people.

BS: Your single “Castles”, is a great song. What is the story behind the song?
Thank you! It’s a really personal song to all of us. We had lost a very important piece to our band and we had our backs against the wall. We didn’t think we were going to make it past that and this song basically tells the story and represents just what we went through to overcome that. [Check out the video at the bottom!]

BS: You recently released your first EP on Third String. What was making this EP like?
It was awesome and very different. We decided to write and record the entire album at home instead of in a studio like normal. It gave us more time and breathing room to really make sure every song turned out just the way we wanted them to.

BS: How have fans responded to this EP?
People really seem to love it and that is awesome. We were able to make the iTunes alternative charts which was an incredible accomplishment for us. We are super proud of this album.

BS: What song are you most excited for fans to hear? Why?
I think people will really love the title track from “I Can Only Blame Myself” it’s a really heartfelt and powerful song. It’s also the catchiest one, in my opinion.

BS: When can fans see you next?
This December we will be touring the east coast! And the west coast probably in the spring.

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
Just thanks! Thanks for the continued support and thank you all for helping us keep this dream alive. Hopefully we will see you all very soon!

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