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BareBones Ent got the chance to check out the debut album, Boyish, and chat with Chicago’s own Safehold. This is actually the first emo rapper we have worked with and wanted to offer the Artist Spotlight treatment to them. Take a stroll with us below as we review them new album, and then our Q and A with the artist.

Boyish is the debut album from Chicago emo rapper Safehold. While I have to admit I have not typically been a fan of this genre, but I really enjoyed the single “Loose Ends”, which made me want to hear more from Safehold. I grabbed the album and instantly began listening to it.

The songs are catchy, and are lyrically very well rounded. There is some real depth to the songs while still maintaining a good groove for the listener. I feel the album is very accessible for fans of various genres. You can feel the fingerprints of emo, rap, pop, and pop punk throughout the album. This is a very good debut for album that I think people are really going to take notice. I highly recommend checking out the album. Peep our favorite tracks below:

  • Cobwebs
  • Deathwish
  • Satellite

Photo courtesy of Safehold

BS: How would you best describe your music to new listeners?

Safehold: I would say that it is pop-punk infused with like soundcloud emo rap I guess. I like to call it cloudpunk.

BS: What was starting out on Soundcloud like for you?

Safehold: It was really cool because the market for rappers has always been extremely over-saturated because it is so easy to do from home. I started out as a safehold because I couldn’t find a band so I wanted to take these emo-rap styled beats and put punk styled vocals over them and when I started there we’re only a few other names in that scene doing the pop-punk type stuff. The names that come to mind we’re Lil Aaron, Hm Wav, and King Theta.

BS: Do you feel that impacted how you approach your music at all?

Safehold: I definitely feel it impacted my style in writing for safehold and my band Wilmette. I think it gave me a unique perspective on blending modern emo rap vocals with modern pop-punk vocals.

BS: You just released your debut album, Boyish. What has that experience been like for you?

Safehold: It was cool, It is technically my first full length I have ever dropped and I am just happy it’s out. It wasn’t really as mentally tasking as I thought it would be but I plan on moving forward with my own beats so I can have more oversight of my project as a whole, and that might make it a bit more straining. But for now I am relaxed and everything seems to be going well!

BS: How have fans responded to the album?

Safehold: I think that people have liked it, they especially seemed to like “In Too Deep”, and “Loose Ends”. I think people gravitate towards “Loose Ends” more because it reminds them of my music from 2018.

BS: What track are you most excited for fans to hear and why?

Safehold: I think “Loose Ends” to be honest. Because the people that liked it most likely have been rocking with me since 2018 so it means more to me to have a song they can get behind.

BS: We are unfortunately still battling a pandemic. How has the Coronavirus situation impacted you creatively? 

Safehold: To be honest, it hasn’t much. I’ve heard that some artists are trying to figure out new creative approaches because they lack life experiences in these times. But for me personally I have been able to get out and go to some places where other people might be and carry on with my same friends over Discord and Valorant lol.

BS: Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests during this time?

Safehold: I have started making my own beats/instrumentals for Safehold which is really empowering. Before I would just find beats that we’re similar to what I would like but now I have total control and it feels good.

BS: What are you currently listening to?

Safehold: I am currently listening to a lot of the new Wilmette ep, a lot of KennyHoopla, and King Theta.

BS: What is the best way for fans to get in contact with you?

Safehold: To follow my Instagram @safeholdil and message me on there.

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