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Owner and Operator, Bryan Swann
Owner and Operator, Bryan Swann
Bryan Swann – Owner and Operator/Writer
“For my top 3 I wanted to put the focus on smaller bands that I have worked with and have done some great covers. I personally love covers and some of these could have been interchanged with others, but I have always enjoyed these covers. I don’t want to go into too much detail on these covers, so for the most part I’ll let the covers do the talking. Cody has many covers to choose from, but this is one of his best and adds a fun twist to the song making it enjoyable to listen to and a fun video to watch. Famous Last Words killed their cover of Hollywood Undead’s “Comin’ In Hot”, in creating a version of the song that is as good if not better than the original. Finally you just have to enjoy watching a group of guys have a blast covering a song, and making it more fun to listen to. Way to go Like Rockets.”

Talk Dirty – Cody Carson of Set It Off (Original by: Jason Derulo)

Comin’ In Hot – Famous Last Words (Originally by: Hollywood Undead)

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Like Rockets (Originally by: Taylor Swift)

Videographer, Amanda Palmer
Videographer, Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer – Videographer
“I chose “The Fighter”, because the song is truly inspiring and one of my favorite songs ever. I have always found it to be motivating to listen to and Paradise Fears made the song better with a video that is absolutely incredibly touching. “Torn”, is a song that is very descriptive and really paints a picture for the listener and Hands Like Houses gave it a better sound. “I Will Wait”, by Mumford and Sons, is a personal favorite of mine. I think that in Echosmith’s cover, Sydney’s voice is beautiful, and Jamie has an amazing voice that adds a really good sound to the song, and I think it was covered very well.”

The Fighter – Paradise Fears (Originally by: Gym Class Heroes)

Torn – Hands Like Houses (Originally by: Natalie Imbruglia)

I Will Wait – Echosmith (Originally by: Mumford and Sons)

Staff Writer, Taylor Ritchie
Staff Writer, Taylor Ritchie
Taylor Ritchie – Staff Writer
“For my top three covers, I focused mainly on artists that covered classic songs that were in many ways opposite from their own work, but were able to add their own flair and be as good (and in some cases, perhaps better) than the original–which can be a difficult and sometimes impossible feat for a cover to achieve.
First, country legend Cash covers industrial rock connoisseurs Nine Inch Nails in a hauntingly rich and brilliant rendition. Kurt and Company cover David Bowie in their famed live set, which results in a cover truly better than the original and one of the only live songs in history to receive such prominent radio play. Finally, Brand New covers a Weezer classic, skillfully hanging onto the qualities that already make it a fantastic song, but adding their own flair where they can–notably in the vocals. While the front men share many similarities, Lacey and Cuomo have completely different voices, making for a fresh version of a beloved tune.”

Hurt – Johnny Cash (Originally by: Nine Inch Nails)

The Man Who Sold the World – Nirvana (Orginally by: David Bowie)

El Scorcho – Brand New (Originally by: Weezer)

BareBones Ent’s Top Cover Pick
Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm (Originally by: Michael Jackson)

Comment below with what your favorite cover of all time is!

Brian Swann

Brian Swann

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