Bayside Acoustic Tour Dallas Review

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We were invited out to the Dallas stop on the Bayside full band acoustic tour at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. As big fans of the band, style of music, and venue I was pumped. Could Bayside pull off a full band acoustic show outdoors on a cold Saturday night though?

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Kayleigh Golds

Photo by Bryan Swann

First up was the opener, Kayleigh Goldsworthy (Kayleigh Golds), who began setting up while the crowd was starting to build on the patio. Groups of anxious music fans were huddled around torches spread around the area to try and stay warm, while other claimed their spots against the stage for the night. We found ourselves a great spot against the stage a bit off to the side of center stage.

Kayleigh began playing and the first thing I thought was that she had a great sound. Not long into her set you could see the crowd reacting well to her and moving with the music. I feel Kayleigh showcased great vocals, relateable lyrics, and great interaction with the crowd. What impressed me the most was her ability to stay in good spirits and maintain a sense of humor about her situation. Her stage clothes weren’t the most suited for the cold weather that night but she stayed positive and muscled through. The crowd could see her physically shaking from the cold while still playing guitar. Needless to say she had the crowd behind her and cheering on her whole set. I definitely walked away from her set a fan.

Rating: [usr=4]


Photo courtesy of Bayside

After a really short break, Bayside took the stage in front of a packed patio area. The band, along with Kayleigh Golds on keys and violin, took their places to a boisterous applause. Bayside kicked right in and sounded great. They did a great job of keeping the crowd involved and laughing in between songs. I love acoustic music due to the intimate and personal feeling to it, and Bayside really harnessed that in their performance. It felt like we were all part of this special moment with the band. They played through many of their hits and while I was really hoping to hear “Mona Lisa” I was still not disappointed. A few that really stood out to me was “Sick Sick Sick” had a great sing along with the audience, and “Pigsty” sounded incredible. They played far too many great songs to go through all of them though.

Another special moment came at the end of the night. The band had already announced rather than leaving the stage and coming back out after the crowd chants for more that they were just starting their encore performance right then. Part way through Bayside’s final song there was some commotion in the crowd as a couple got engaged. The band noticed and had the happy couple come up on the stage (though some crazy girl came up first, but no one really knew what was going on there). It was a lovely moment to watch as the couple slow danced on stage to the song and shared a special moment with the band after. That will be a moment they will never forget, and it was awesome of Bayside to be able to react so quickly. Easy to say the entire crowd left the concert cold but stoked on the night they just witnessed.

Rating: [usr=5]

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