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Photo courtesy of Powerman 5000
Photo courtesy of Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000 takes me back to playing Twisted Metal and Tony Hawk games. They have always been one of the bands that just jump out to you with awesome rhythm, instrumentals, and catchy lyrics. The band hasn’t released anything since 2009, but that is all about to change! May 27th, they are releasing their new album Builders of the Future! Powerman 5000 is currently made up of Spider One on vocals, guitarists Richard Jazmin and Nick Quijano, Gustav Aued on bass, and drummer DJ Rattan. Powerman 5000 does already have an extensive discography with many great songs/albums, so how does this album stack up?

The album kicks off with “Invade Destroy Repeat”, which starts off the album with great energy. The song works as a great prelude to the album, and lets you know you are in for a good ride with the album. While kind of repetitive it is a fun song to listen to, and keeps the energy up. You can check out the new song Here.

Let’s jump forward to the single off of the album, “How to be a Human”, this song was a great choice as the single. The song has great backing music and the lyrics are very catchy. You can find yourself singing along to the song in no time. The song gave a great preview to what the album would sound like, and to get fans excited about the album. You can see the lyric video for the song at the bottom of the page.

The title track on the album can get very repetitive which is the downside to the song, but it is still a fun song to listen to. The song is powered by the instrument playing of the band, which is what makes it such a good song. The song gets your head moving along almost immediately waiting for them to really dig into the song, and they don’t disappoint in the song. After this song though they decide to slow things down a bit.

Builders of the Future cover art
Builders of the Future cover art

The next song on the album, “I Want to Kill you”, is the first slow song on the album, and has such a good rhythmic flow through it. It seems so peaceful and then you notice the lyrics are talking about killing someone. This is one of the songs on the album that has great insightful lyrics. While this song does slow down the album a little it such a joy to listen to that you shouldn’t be disappointed and I promise it picks right back up until the close of the album.

Powerman 5000 decide to finish out the album with a 1-2 punch of “I Can’t Fucking Hear you” and “Evil World”. “I Can’t Fucking Hear You”, takes a little longer than the other songs to get to singing, and offers the listener a slightly different vocal experience. The song can be a fun song to single along toWhile directly being the most visibly vulgar song on the album, it shouldn’t deter people from checking out the song. Fun fact: The song is the longest song on the album coming in at almost 5 minutes. The last song “Evil World”, is an almost motivational sounding song (in parts) in a Powerman 5000 style. There are quite a bit of things done to play around with the voice though the song, and it does finish out kind of repetitive. For the most part I would say the last song fizzles out, unfortunately.

Overall the album is a very solid return for the band. We really enjoyed the album as an individual piece, and then the nostalgia factor alone makes it an album worth checking out. The band sounds as great as ever and Spider One’s vocals are still solid. I think he has the voice to keep this up for awhile We did take some points away from the album due to it repetitiveness in some songs, which I think at some point as a listener you may skip the song though the background music is amazing on its own even. I would recommend you pick up this great album and give Powerman 5000 another chance to win your hearts again! Trust me these guys still got it, and the album is worth it!

Track Listing
1. Invade Destroy Repeat
2. We Want it All
3. How to be a Human
4. You’re Going to Love it if You Like it or Not
5. Builders of the Future
6. I Want to Kill You
7. Modern World
8. Live it up Before You’re Dead
9. I Can’t Fucking Hear You
10. Evil World

Favorite Tracks
You’re Going to Love it if You Like it or Not
I Want to Kill You
How to be a Human
Live it up Before You’re Dead (“We’re bringing mother fucking bombs to a fucking knife fight” such an amazing line!)

You can pick up the album Here: iTunes/Amazon

[rating: 4.5/5]

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