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Photo courtesy of Adage
Photo courtesy of Adage

I want to start this review with a little information about this band, Adage. Adage is a rock band out of Salem, NC that has recently signed on with Pavement Entertainment, that houses powerhouse bands such as Hed P.E, Smile Empty Soul, and The Veer Union. Adage just recently released their EP, Defined, read below and see what we thought of the EP.

The album is immediately shredding with powerful guitar playing when you turn it on, and gets the listener in the mood for some rock. The first song on the EP, “Anymore”, features great vocals throughout and is simply just a good rock song. While I don’t feel the song is the deepest on the album; I think it stills sets a quality standard for the EP moving forward.

For the next song, the band switches gears and goes with a softer tune. “Best Of”, is one of those songs you could shut your eyes and just float along to. The lyrics and vocals are on point, and the instruments are not to jarring in difference to the vocals. The grand build up to the band’s solo is done beautifully and transitions well into the latter parts of the song. Let’s skip ahead to my favorite song on this EP.

“By Myself”, is a beautiful and touching song of loss. This song takes you on a musical ride from the soft verses to the passion driven choruses. People love a song that they feel they could relate to or takes them back to another time in their life, and this song captures that wonderfully. I think that this is the best song on the EP, but I’m not sure if I would have closed out with it. Though people do say you want to save the best for last, and finish strong.

Track Listing:
1. Anymore
2. Best Of
3. Hold On
4. Growing Colder
5. By Myself

Favorite Tracks:
By Myself
Growing Colder

This band has a lot of promise which is evident throughout Define. I think that the EP was a solid showing from the band and showcased what they have to offer listeners moving forward. The band brings powerful vocals and intense riffs to their music that is bound to bring in fans, and make for a fun live show. Give this band a shot and see what you think of their potential.

[rating: 3/5]

Brian Swann

Brian Swann

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