Divide the Blackened Sky Deluxe Review

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Divide the Blackened Sky Deluxe cover art
Divide the Blackened Sky Deluxe cover art

The Veer Union is a rock band out of Vancouver, and have just released the deluxe edition of their album, Divide the Blackened Sky, which features 3 more songs on it from the 2012 release. The deluxe edition was released today, June 10, and can be picked up on iTunes. Find out if the deluxe edition is worth buying the album again!

The album starts out with “Borderline”, which is such a great song and one of the best songs to start off an album with. Everything meshes perfectly in creating a great rock anthem, and is complimented beautifully with the next song, “The Bitter End”. This is possibly the best 1-2 punch opening to an album I have heard in a long time. My compliments on the decision of placement of tracks on this album. Now I don’t want to cover all of the songs you all know about, so I will jump to the new songs. (New video for “Borderline” at bottom)

The first new track we get to is, “Safe and Sound”. This is a slower song that features dueling vocals. This is really a lovely song, that brings a new element to the album. I like that the band is able to show that they can handle hard rock anthems and slow songs without skipping a beat. Quickly this became one of my favorite songs on the album.

Photo courtesy of The Veer Union
Photo courtesy of The Veer Union

The next new song we’ll get to is “The Antagonist”. The guitar introduction on the song, and pulse like drum beat succeeds in getting you pumped for the song to kick in. When it does kick in it doesn’t disappoint. This song has it all great instrumentals, great lyrics, and powerful vocals. This song is a great addition to the album.

The final new song and final song on the album is “No Hope Til Now”. The song starts off slow and then brings in a heavy drum beat. The song seems to feature a lot of echoing which I feel distracts from the song. Some can add a nice effect, but I think it is a little overused in the song. For me the song slows the momentum on the album that had been built up to this point and closes out an awesome album on a lower note.

Overall I think the new songs are nice additions to the album. I actually really like 2 out of the 3, and think they fit in very well with the album. This album is still really good, and benefits from many great songs. The band is able to showcase their talent throughout the whole album. I think it is worth it to at least go out and pick up the new songs, if you do not want to purchase the whole album again, but you would be missing out on some remastered tracks. I’m happy to have added the album to my collection and some of the songs are definitely being kept in rotation.

Track Listing:
1. “Borderline” (feat. Jonny Hetherington)
2. “Bitter End”
3. “I Will Remain”
4. “Buried in the Ground”
5. “Inside Our Scars”
6. “Live Another Day”
7. “Safe and Sound”
8. “Divide the Blackened Sky”
9. “Silent Gun”
10. “Last Days of Life”
11. “Stolen”
12. “The Antagonist”
13. “No Hope Till Now”

Favorite Tracks:
“Bitter End”
“Safe and Sound”
“Silent Gun”
“Divide the Blackened Sky”

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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