Drowning Pool Hometown Review

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool

97.1 The Eagle brought this year’s edition of BFD to their loyal fans in Dallas. We were invited out by the hometown boys in Drowning Pool to this hot spring show.  BFD 2016 featured a very loaded lineup with Stitched Up Heart, Lacey Sturm, Adelitas Way, Drowning Pool, Collective Soul, Sixx AM, 3 Doors Down, and Shinedown.  Take a look below at how Drowning Pool showed up for their hometown show.

Before Drowning Pool took the stage the crowd got pumped for a showing of support for the military. With chants of, “USA”, filling the air Drowning Pool began to take the stage. The crowd erupted once the music started and the band was ready to get things going. Quickly the audience and band noticed there were some technical difficulties going on, onstage as the singer, Jasen Moreno’s mic would not work. He had to take over a mic on the side stage to keep the show going while the mic was worked on.  At a point they did believe the mic was fixed but when Moreno went over to it, it still was not working. Moreno was obviously getting frustrated with the difficulties but still fought through to finish up the first song.

By the time the band was ready to start the second song, Moreno’s mic had been fixed, and the crowd was in for a treat.  The band barrelled through a few songs continually increasing the crowd’s intensity with them. Drowning Pool was the only band of the day that a mosh pit actually broke out in the pit. The fans were completely invested in the show from the start and made sure to show Drowning Pool the hometown love. It came time for the final song of the set and the crowd was pumped and ready to blow the roof off the joint.

The moment the first chords of “Bodies”, echoed through the Pavilion the crowd went off. The audience gave everything they had during the song with everyone screaming the words and back and blissfully slamming into one another. I would like to also mention the adorable moment on stage of the young children singing the chorus on the bass side of stage. With the crowd screaming for me, the band thanked everyone, and exited the stage.

Our Verdict:

Drowning Pool still has it and can destroy a stage with the best of them. These guys clearly have a passion for the fans and giving them their money’s worth. This was an awesome show; that was unfortunately hindered by some sound trouble that the band could not control. If Drowning Pool comes to your city and you get a chance to see them, make sure to make it out to a show!

[rating: 4.5/5]

Check out this fan captured video of “Bodies”.

Ratings for the rest of the show:

Stitched Up Heart: [Did Not See]

Lacey Sturm: [rating: 3.5/5]

Adelitas Way : [Did Not See]

Collective Soul: [rating: 1.5/5]

Sixx AM: [rating: 5/5]

3 Doors Down: [rating: 4/5]

Shinedown: [rating: 4/5]

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