Duality Review

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Duality cover art
Duality cover art

My buddies in Set It Off released their sophomore album, Duality, today. Expectations have ran very high for this album after the great success that was, Cinematics. The band stated early on that they were going with a more pop feel for this album, leaving fans to wonder how pop they were going to go.

The answer is a much larger pop sound throughout the album. You wouldn’t guess that from the first song on the album, “The Haunting”, which just drips with the classic Set It Off style. This song gives exactly what they have been itching for. This song is just badass from the moment it starts and gets you pumped. I will say that this is the only song that feels like it could have flowed with “Cinematics” or previous EPs.

From here the album steps more into the pop rock/pop punk feeling world. I feel a strong Fall Out Boy influence/feel throughout the album, which isn’t bad. These songs are lyrically great, Cody’s vocals have grown, musicianship is there, and these songs are damn catchy. All of the elements of a great album are here!

This album has so many different messages through it from the positive, upbeat “Why Worry”, to the dream reaching “Tomorrow”. Upon first listen I was surprised with the sound of the songs on the album, but when I sat back you can’t help but get into the songs. A lot of this is the band’s ability to wrap in a listener, and make a fan out of anyone. Before you know it you are moving a long and jamming to songs that you may not have cared as much for before. There are a lot of great songs on this album; that are going to be a blast to see live. These guys are ready to take over the world and this album is radio ready.

Track Listing:
1. The Haunting
2. N.M.E.
3. Forever Stuck in our Youth
4. Why Worry
5. Ancient History
6. Bleak December
7. Duality
8. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing ft. William Beckett
9. Tomorrow ft. Jason Lancaster
10. Bad Guy
11. Miss Mysterious

Favorite Tracks
The Haunting
Ancient History
Bleak December

My favorite songs come from all over the spectrum on this album. “The Haunting” has the dark feel that I love so much about Set It Off, while “Tomorrow” is all about reaching for your dreams (which I’m a big fan of). “Ancient History” jumped out at my from the first time I heard it and is a lot of fun to listen to. Lastly “Duality” and “Bleak December” are just flat out great songs and well written. This album is full of gems and flashes of an older Set It Off style throughout it. Is it worth picking up though?

This is a different album from Set It Off than what fans are used to, but we were all warned a long time ago that they wanted to do something different. Don’t ignore this album because it is different than what you are used to! This is still a very good Set It Off album and should not lose many real fans over it. Overall I would say that I do prefer Cinematics at this point, but I still like this album and think the guys did a great job on it. This album opens more doors for the band than they previously had for them, and I would be very surprised if none of these songs find there way to radio!

[rating: 4/5]

And check out the band’s rambunctious single, “Why Worry”!

Brian Swann

Brian Swann

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