Evolution Review

Evolution cover art
Evolution cover art

Music world take note, (Hed) P.E. just killed the game! Our friends in (Hed) P.E. have a new album, Evolution, coming out on July 22nd, and BareBones got a chance to get their hands on an early copy of the album. We’ve been listening to it for awhile, and feel we have a pretty good feel for the album. Find out why this is an album you need.

Can I just say drumming by hand is such an underrated tool? The album kicks off with “No Turning Back”, a greatly quotable song. This song is full of lines that you can listen to, and just think that’s a great quote. This song really leads well into the album, and get’s you ready to really let go. The song slides smoothly into one of my favorite songs on the album.

(Hed) P.E. truly does bring the fire with this track. I love the song “Lost in Babylon”, this song is such a fun song to listen to and gets you pumped. The song mixes the fun vibe with deep lyrics, about trying to get by with daily struggles. People will be able to relate to the song, whether they have similar releases or not. Besides just the lyrics the rhythm on the song is on point, and you know what song is coming as soon as it starts. I like that it has that recognizable sound, so you know that you need to turn this up! Lets skip ahead some.

The band are truly lyrical powerhouses throughout the whole album, and that stands out again on “No Tomorrow”. The song starts a little slow but then the drums and guitars tear through the peace in no time. I can picture a whole crowd going crazy for the middle rapping section of the song. This song is tailor made for some awesome concert moments.

We’re going to skip a song, and go to the single off of the album, “One More Body”. This is a fairly good depiction of some of the songs on the album. Fans grasp on to any song they can hear early off of a new album, and this was a good choice to put out. The guitar playing from Jackson is awesome throughout the song. You have to enjoy a song where when the guitar is playing and you can just close your eyes and groove along.

Photo courtesy of Hed PE
Photo courtesy of Hed PE

The next song on the album, “Never Alone”. is another great song that just has such a great flow to the lyrics and sounds great. It is one of the songs you can turn on and play a couple times and then you can sing along and enjoy the song even more. While the message of the song can be viewed in different ways. I think the mystery adds to the enjoyment of the song. We’re going to jump ahead to the end of the album.

The last 2 songs on the album have a real reggae feel to them, and it fits so well in the album. I don’t think many bands could pull off all of the genre jumping on one album and still make it work, but (Hed) P.E. has this mastered. The last song on the album is “Hold On”. This song has a strong message about staying strong and not letting everything get to you. It is one of the most powerful songs with such peaceful music to it. This was an excellent way to close out the album. People are going to have this on repeat all over the world.

I enjoy the fact that almost every song feels like it could have been a single and can stand on its own. Every song is so unique and great on this album that it is hard to choose some favorite tracks but here we go.

Track Listing:
1. No Turning Back
2. Lost in Babylon
3. Jump The Fence
4. 2 Many Games
5. No Tomorrow
6. Let It Rain
7. One More Body
8. Never Alone
9. The Higher Crown
10. Nowhere2Go
11. Let It Burn
12. Hold On

Favorite Tracks:
Lost in Babylon
No Tomorrow
Never Alone
Jump The Fence

Mark your calendars folks, July 22nd grab everything you need and go get this album! Evolution is one of those albums you do not want to miss. This album hits so many genres from rock, reggae, rap, to even a classic rock sound on some songs. There is something on this album for most people, I think. Check out our rating below and a link to where you an order the album!

[rating: 5]

You can order the album on iTunes
Check out our interview with the guys Here


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