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Photo Courtesy of band Facebook page
Photo Courtesy of band Facebook page

Sleeping With Sirens is a post-hardcore band out of Michigan and have been on an amazing ride these past couple of years.  While reaching new heights in 2012 with playing many main stage shows at Warped Tour and going on tour with friends Pierce The Veil; they are still carrying that momentum at the half way mark of this year.  On June 4th the band is releasing their new album Feel.   Feel is a heartfelt trip through the mind of the band, and I’ll admit is a change in direction from the bands past albums.  This album feels softer and more personal, than some of the other songs in their repertoire.  I have had the album since June 1st and it has taken a few listens through but I am truly starting to enjoy the album.

Sleeping With Sirens has been one of my favorite bands for a couple years now, and I was disappointed at first in the new songs, but after listening more closely they are very good songs; different, yes but still very good.  With that on to the album.

They kick off the new album with the title track “Feel,” which is a power driven song that makes you feel that you are going on a trip with the band.  This feels like a perfect summer song, to have in your car blaring with your windows down enjoying the summer.  This song has a lot of energy and is a fun song to listen to.

I’m going to skip ahead to one of the singles they released “Alone.”  On this song they recruited the talent of rapper Machine Gun Kelly to take over a verse in the song.  The first time I listened to this song I didn’t like it, but the next time it came on I realized it was crazy catchy.  Before I knew it I was singing along and relishing all of the song.  The song has a deep meaning to it, but I fear it may get overlooked with everything going on in the song that may distract the listener.

Not to ignore their fans that love the harder songs from the band they included the song “The Best There Ever Was.”  This song is so much fun to listen to, and I can see it being the major hit at Warped this year and any Sleeping With Sirens concerts coming up.  This is the hardest song on the album, and a complete thrill.  People are going to love this song and really jam out to it. [song at end]

The next song featuring guest vocals is the song “Celebration,” which features Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins.  These two just create magic when they work together, and while this song is not as strong of an example as previous collaborations it is still good.

Finally I want to talk about my favorite song on the album, “Sorry.”  This is a very heartfelt song; that instantly touched my heart and made me feel someone understood how I feel.  Isn’t that the true power of music?  To let people know they are not alone and someone knows what they are going through.  Sleeping With Sirens capture that perfectly with this highly relatable song. [song below]


  1. Feel
  2. Here We Go
  3. Free Now
  4. Alone
  5. I’ll Take You There
  6. The Best There Ever Was
  7. Low
  8. Congratulations
  9. Déjà vu
  10. 10. These Things I’ve Done
  11. 11. Sorry
  12. 12. Satellites

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Sorry
  2. Free Now
  3. Feel
  4. The Best There Ever Was

Fans that only like one aspect of Sleeping With Sirens music may find some disappointment in this album, but those who enjoy everything the band brings to the table will enjoy the album (even if it is not on the first listen).  I think the album deserves a chance and is a very good album that has a lot of heart.  It may not be as great as the past albums, but it is not bad by any means.  Enjoy the album and prepare to hear these songs live this summer!


You can pick up the album at most retailers and here

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