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BareBones Ent headed out to Irving, TX to the recently opened Toyota Music Factory for the Gen-X Tour featuring Alien Ant Farm, Lit, POD, and Buckcherry. This tour has been traveling across the country closing out this summer. Take a look below and see what we though of this tour.

Venue: Toyota Music Factory

First let’s take a look at the venue as this was our first concert at the Toyota Music Factory. While the venue did open in Sept. 2017 it seems to have recently picked up a lot of steam and is booking many large tours. We really enjoyed the Toyota Music Factory. There were a lot of restaurants, pretty easy to navigate the streets and overall facility, and parking wasn’t too bad (though we did get lost finding the car leaving after the show).

Inside the venue, concession prices were about the average for most arenas, etc. The layout of the actual stage area was great, and sound seemed spot on. Loved the 2 large screens beside the stage that definitely helps no matter where you are sitting. Security seemed to struggle keeping the crowd under control though. Many people broke through (or snuck through) the barricade to get into the pit area without being caught. Overall we will definitely be frequenting the Toyota Music Factory.


1st Band: Alien Ant Farm

Going in I only knew a couple Alien Ant Farm songs, which they only played one of. They put on a good show though. I would say definitely the correct choice to open the show. People were definitely into the set jumping along and singing with the band. The singer interacted some with the crowd to try and keep the energy up. They seemed to play a nice mixture of newer songs and their older ones. They closed out the set with their cover of Michael Jackson song, “Smooth Criminal”, which did get the crowd moving and going wild.

Rating: [usr=3]

2nd Band: Lit

Lit took the stage after a brief break and started off very hot with the crowd. The crowd was instantly into the show, and having fun with the band. The crowd interaction from the band still wasn’t too high, but the typical sing-a-longs were called out and everything. Again I didn’t know a lot of the songs going in, but greatly enjoyed their set. I feel they had a more clean and crisp sound than Alien Ant Farm (which may have come from production and not the band themselves). Lit seemed like they were having a lot of fun on stage and brought out a member of one of the other bands to sing with them, which is always fun to see. They played a newer song that had a almost country feel to it, but was really good and made me curious to check out their new album. They closed with “My Own Worst Enemy”, which of course sent the audience into a frenzy; Phones recording and people jumping everywhere.

edit: Further research shows the bands has released some songs more country stylized. The more you know.

Rating: [usr=4]

3rd Band: POD

I don’t know what to say aside from POD absolutely, 100% stole the show! They came out to the biggest applause of the night to this point and jumped right into their hits. The crowd was insane for this whole set. POD did the best job of interacting with the crowd and having them get involved. Later in the show starting a mosh pit and convincing the ladies in the crowd to do an only all female mosh pit. The band and crowd were feeding off of each other and having a blast. The energy was so infectious coming off of the stage. POD played all of their hits and sprinkled in some new songs that sounded really good too. Most of the crowd in seats were standing for the entirety of their set. After they completed their set I knew they would be very hard to follow.

Rating: [usr=5]

4th Band: Buckcherry

Disappointment is the only word I can really think of. Note that I have never been a huge Buckcherry fan, but I do enjoy a decent number of songs by them. I did go into their set excited, and ready to see a fun show. The band sounded great, and were fun to watch but Josh Todd was not so much. I hope it was an off night, or he was sick and not anything worst. He did seem to be struggling on stage as his voice was shot and he was mumbling and forgetting words. The crowd was still completely in the band’s hands though as they worked their way through their set. People appeared to be having fun and enjoying the show, but it was no where near the level I would have expected from a band of their caliber. Again, hopefully it was just a bad night.

Rating: [usr=2]

Overall Rating: [usr=4]

I really enjoyed the show, and had a lot of fun. If you have a chance to catch these bands make sure to head on out, especially if POD is coming to your area.

Bryan Swann

Bryan Swann

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