Goodnight California Re-Release Review

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Goodnight California EP Cover Art
Goodnight California EP Cover Art

Our friends in Rockett Queen are re-releasing their EP Goodnight California. While they are still working out some details on the re-release you can still purchase the EP. Take a look at what we think of Goodnight California.

The EP kicks off with an instrumental track called “Day Break”. It is a pretty peaceful introduction to what is to come, even though you can hear sirens in the background. The piano in it is lovely though.

The EP jumps to one of my favorite songs from the band, “To Be Loved”. The song blares through your speakers with heavy guitars followed by the rest of the band kicking it into gear. The lyrics are fun and mix well with the song. The song instantly makes you want to turn your volume all the way up and just have fun. This was a great song to place early on the EP, which only makes people more excited to hear whats next if this was only the beginning.

Goodnight California, doesn’t slow down at all as it speeds right along with “I Hate You”. The song follows a similar introduction with a blast of heavy instruments followed by the vocals. This pattern fits perfectly with the music and just gets you pumped for the song. The song offers the listener numerous great one-liners as well. Such as “..I can tell when you’re faking, cause you’re breathing..”. The band slows things down to end the song and lead you into their next song.

Photo courtesy of Rockett Queen
Photo courtesy of Rockett Queen

“Since You’ve Been Gone”, is the slowest song on the album, and actually the first song I heard from the band. This song led me to looking up more music by Rockett Queen and eventually becoming hooked. The song offers softer instruments during the verses with the compliment of harder playing choruses. I think “Since You’ve Been Gone”, does the best job in featuring the vocal talents of frontman Walter Lee. While other songs seem to be more guitar and drum driven, this one is powered by the vocals. The song leads right into the final and title track.

Rockett Queen closes out the EP with the title track, “Goodnight California”. The track allows the band to finish things off with a rocking track that features a perfect blend of instruments, vocals, and gang vocals. Gang vocals are typically a thing of beauty when done correctly and the band has that mastered. If you are a fan of music in general they also include a beautiful guitar solo around the middle of the song. All this song does is make you wish that this wasn’t the last song on the EP, and ready for more music.

Track Listing:
1. “Day Break”
2. “To Be Loved”
3. “I Hate You”
4. “Since You’ve Been Gone”
5. “Goodnight California”

Favorite Tracks
To be Loved
I Hate You
Since You’ve Been Gone
Goodnight California
(It is seriously that good, I can’t pick.)

Goodnight California proves to be an awesome EP from the band Rockett Queen. While we don’t know at this time what all will be included with the re-release of the EP, we do know that the current EP is amazing. We can’t wait for the re-release and their new album. This is an EP you need to add to your collection, and is receiving our first perfect rating of 2014!

[rating: 5]

Purchase the “Goodnight California” EP Here

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