I Want Love Review

I Want Love Cover Art
I Want Love Cover Art

2015 BareBones Ent Female Vocalist of the Year, Bethany Becker, just released her debut album, I Want Love.  This country pop star in the making has been working on creating all of the songs for this album for awhile now, so imagine her relief when she was able to finally release it to the public!  We’ve had our hands on the album for a couple weeks now, and have listened to every song countless times to really get to the bottom of I Want Love, for you. After all of Bethany’s hard work on the album; was it worth it? Will she be shown love or dismissal? Read on my kiddies and find out!

I Want Love starts off with, you guessed it, “I Want Love”. The title track was a great choice to kick off the album with. Fans are familiar with the song and it pulls them into roughly the theme of the album. This song feels like a country pop song that you could hear on the radio in your car right now. I have on pretty good authority too, that the song resonates with young girls!  A song that showcases a singer’s vocal talents and fans can relate to, sounds like a win to me. (I’ll post the song below, but don’t leave me)


Skipping down a few songs we’ll come across one of my favorite songs on the album, “Right Place Wrong Time”. From the start this song feels more in the country realm than pop. Bethany’s voice gets a bit of a twang to it in the chorus, while still keeping the song fun. The song has fun lyrics, good rhythm, and is just a enjoyable country tune. With lyrics like, “It’s like I’m always one day late or half a dollar short, by now I should have quit the game if I was keeping score.” We’ve all been there right? You can put away the magic wand, you want to listen to this jam.

Following this song is, “Jesus and Boys”. I’ll admit I looked at this title before listening to the song and laughed. This was very possibly the first song I listened to, because I just had to hear what way this was going to go. While it’s not really my cup of tea; I’m also not the target audience. What I can say about the song is that it is an upbeat song that melts country into pop effortlessly, even with the religious references. This is one of those songs, like it or not, that will get stuck in your head. Enjoy that one dads/husbands.

I have 2 more songs I want to talk about. These 2 are some of the best tracks on the album and I am stoked for people to hear them. A little bit down from “Jesus and Boys”, lies “Goodbye” and “Raining in Vegas”.

“Goodbye”, is a deep track about bouncing back from a breakup. This may be the most relatable song for everyone on the album. We all have been in one of those bad relationships, that it takes taking a step back to see it for what it was and finding ourselves again. This song takes you through that realization and moving forward stage. Honestly not much needs to be said, just listen to the song and thank me (and Bethany) later.

“Raining in Vegas”, isn’t your happy, upbeat song like many of the other songs on I Want Love. This song is very well written though and Bethany’s voice lends beautifully to the musicians behind her. This is another track that feels more country than pop, and that’s no where near a bad thing. Bethany proves she can perform the slower songs and upbeat songs just as well. The only downside to this song is my brain always wants to say “Memphis” instead of Vegas when jamming along, haha :).

First thing, I know we have commented on Bethany’s lovely vocals throughout the album, but the guitars are phenomenal on the album. Each song is laid out beautifully by the musicians.

I feel that there has been a void in pop country left by Taylor Swift in the hearts of young girls around the world, and I think Bethany is just the girl to fill it. She brings the relatable tunes, fun songs to dance to, and some lyrics that can touch your soul. I found lyrics to be playful and silly all the way to wise and insightful.

If you dig this style of music than this is a great album for you, or if you’re looking for some fun music for your kids. This isn’t a bad choice for kids all the way to Grandma and Grandpa. While I did miss out on some songs with not being the target demographic and a couple tracks that didn’t leave an impression; I would say this is a good album worth checking out. This is a very solid debut album for someone ready to take on the country world.

Track Listing:

  1. I Want Love
  2. Criminal
  3. Maybe More
  4. Fighting Us
  5. Right Place Wrong Time
  6. Jesus and Boys
  7. We Can Save Us
  8. Goodbye
  9. Raining in Vegas
  10. Walls

Favorite Tracks:

  • Goodbye
  • Raining In Vegas
  • Right Place Wrong Time

[Rating: 4/5]

Pick up I Want Love on iTunes now!


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