In Case You Missed It Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1

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Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1 cover art
Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1 cover art

In case you missed it, Bowling For Soup released a greatest hits album eariler this week. Bowling For Soup created Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1 through Pledge Music having fans help in funding the album. This album covers the bands first 10 years together.

This is a great collection of songs! Our friends in Bowling For Soup have wide catelog of songs to choose from and they picked out some awesome ones for this album. The album features many hits and other songs all re-recorded to sound even better. The album ranges from big hits like “Girls All the Bad Guys Want” to smaller songs like “Sandwich”. There is something on this album for all fans including a brand new song!

The final song on the album is “20 Years (That’s A Lot of Beers). This is just a fun song and an awesome way to wrap up their last 20 years and the album.

Track Listing:
1. Last Rock Show
2. Suckerpunch
3. Emily
4. Girl All the Bad Guys Want
5. You and Me
6. The Bitch Song
7. Scope
8. 2113
9. Punk Rock 101
10. Belgium
11. Life After Lisa
12. Cody
13. Thirteen
14. Dance With You
15. KoolAid
16. Pictures He Drew
17. Sandwich
18. 20 Years (That’s A Lot of Beers)

Favorite Tracks:
Punk Rock 101
Girl All the Bad Guys Want
20 Years (That’s A Lot of Beers)
Life After Lisa

If you are a fan of Bowling For Soup or pop punk in general this is a greatest hits album you should actually pick up!

Pick up the album Here

Check out our interview!

[rating: 4.5/5]
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