In Case you Missed it: Spring Edition

Spring is wrapping up soon and in will come the blazing heat of Summer. There are a few albums that came out this Spring that you may not have heard about that are geared for you to jam these warmer months! Check out what you are needing to pick up whether your driving around or lounging with friends BareBones has you covered!

Summer Bones cover art
Summer Bones cover art

Hit The Lights – Summer Bones ([Rating: 4.5/5])

The album just screams a fun ride for fans and friends. This pop punk album from Ohio rockers, Hit The Lights, makes you want to roll down the windows and just blast the tunes. From the fun single, “Fucked Up Kids”, to the slower title track, “Summer Bones”, this album has something for all pop punk fans! At pop punk’s heart is having fun, and this band knows how to bring the party with their Summer Bones Release.

Favorite Tracks:
Summer Bones
Fucked Up Kids
Life on the Bottom

Pick it up on iTunes!

Everything But What You Need cover art
Everything But What You Need cover art

Speak Low If You Speak Love – Everything But What You Need ([Rating: 4/5])

Summer isn’t all parties and rocking out; sometimes you just want to chill with friends. Let your boys in Speak Low If You Speak Love pull out the acoustic and move your soul with their jams. You get so into the songs it feels like they cut off short sometimes, but these songs are still great! I instantly fell in love with the song, “Eight Weeks”, and is one of my favorite tunes I have heard recently. Make sure to check it out below!

Favorite Tracks:
Eight Weeks
Locking Lips

Pick up the album on iTunes!

Grayscale – Change EP ([Rating: 3/5])

Change EP cover art
Change EP cover art

Grayscale brings you a classic pop punk EP in the Change EP! The EP features 3 original songs and 1 really good cover of “The Old Apartment,” originally by The Barenaked Ladies. These energetic songs keep you in rhythm with the band and enjoying the tunes. This an EP that you can listen to pretty much anywhere!

Favorite Tracks:
Say Something
The Old Apartment

Pick up the EP on iTunes!

Lancer – Second Storm ([Rating: 3.5/5])

Second Storm cover art
Second Storm cover art

Do the warmer months make you feel a little nostalgic? Enter in metal band, Lancer, who have all of the feel of an 80’s band off the Strip. The Swedish band has found a way to mix modern metal with 80’s metal to make something of their own! Take a trip with the band and see what epics they can get you pulled in to!

Favorite Tracks:
Running From the Tyrant
Masters and Crowns
Children of the Storm

Get the album on iTunes!

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