Lydia Show Review

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Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

By Shaun Gunnels

Sadly missing Beach Weather, I stomped into a clapping, dancing crowd comprised of a plethora of races and ages “getting down” to a song by the Philly-based band Cruisr entitled “Throw Shade” (which is my favorite of the bands and currently my favorite song by them).

They finally made their way to Dallas after an overdue wait following their 2014 release, All Over.
For such a new band, the crowd’s response and “sing-alongs” were up to par with bands I’ve seen that have been together for years and years. You could definitely feel the energy from the crowd flow from the fans up to the stage where the presence of each member was made well known. The energy was surreal throughout the entire set.
Lydia : “Welcome to your brand new favorite band.”

After a quick bathroom break I scrambled back to the crowd where I could see hundreds of people elbowing and shoving their way through to get closer to the stage. Joining them, I settled in nicely with a few fans who had never seen the band.

As the lights dimmed and the tracks started to play I caught a hint of what Lydia was a bout to open with.
The chorus of Riverman (their first song of the set) goes “welcome to your brand new life..” And as Lydia approached the chorus I whispered to one of the standing fans, “welcome to your new favorite band.” I giggled to myself throughout the entire song.

Now immediately following that song with a short introduction, they started their crowd favorite “Hospital” (which for being a fan of Lydia for a decade, is probably my all time favorite song). The crowd swayed as one as we all shouted the lyrics. By that point; the second song, the girl standing next to me leans over and whispers “you were right.” They continued the set with a mixture of songs from their 2015 release “Run Wild” as well as crowd favorite singles from Assailants, Illumnate, and more.

Each time I’ve seen Arizona-based Lydia, the shows have gotten better and better and I see and hear more and more people singing along to every song each time. It’s quite something, being able to watch a band grow as much as they have over the last decade. To watch a band grow into multiple LPs and some side projects, Lydia’s music has become a major part of my life; as I hope it does with yours. Catch them on this tour if you get the chance!

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Bryan Swann

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