Mannequins EP Review

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Photo courtesy of Picture Me Broken Facebook
Photo courtesy of Picture Me Broken Facebook

Picture Me Broken’s new EP was released today to the anticipation of fans around the world.  As a fan myself I had the album pre-ordered when they made it available and have been patiently waiting since then.  Now that I finally have it I bring you my review.

The EP starts out with “Torture” which starts out softly but quickly escalates.  Beginning with a scream brings in the old fans, but that is not even a quarter of what this song is.  The emphasis is on Layla Brooklyn Allman’s (Bolded to show my journalistic urge to show the correct name of this great singer) fantastic growth as a vocalist and the rest of the band’s skill behind their instruments.  “Torture” was the only single released off of the EP, and was met with much anticipation.  Some fans were not happy with the change of tone to the new music, a majority loved the new sound.  The song may not be like “old” Picture Me Broken, but really shows a growth in writing and musicianship from the band.  The songs may sound a different from Wide Awake, But the band still holds onto the essence of Picture Me Broken.

The title track, “Mannequins,” is a harder song and features more of the screaming and should cater nicely to every fan, new and old, of the band.  The introduction leads you into a song that is powered by the brilliant playing of guitarists Dante Phoenix and Jimmy Strimpel.  The following track slows things down quite a bit after the first 2 tracks.

“Beautiful Disguise” very well may be the absolute highlight of a very strong album.  By stripping the band down to only Brooklyn and a piano you really get to see what she has to offer the fans.  What that is, is an amazing singer with an overflowing amount of talent.  Like many other fans of the band I love this song, and will say it may very well be my favorite off of the EP.  The lyrics are right on par with the piano playing, singing, and everything else brought into this song, thus making it a must listen to out of not just this EP but anything released this year.

The pace picks back up for the final track “Nothing Further”.  This is a faster song that keeps pace with the earlier tracks off of Mannequins.I think this was a nice way to close out the EP, and make sure you have the EP on repeat.

This whole EP is a very strong showing for Picture Me Broken and is sure to keep fans excited about the band and what Corrupt Me is sure to bring us.  This band reminds us that they can still play in your face rock songs, ballads, and any other type of music they please.  There is no limit to what Picture Me Broken can bring us musically.  If you have not picked up this EP, you need to go get it…now.  I’ll help here’s a link.


You can also pick up Mannequins EP off of iTunes.  Keep an eye open for our interview with Brooklyn about Mannequins, and you can see our original interview with Picture Me Broken here.  Then you can go vote for them in our yearly awards here.


Brian Swann

Brian Swann

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