Q and A with Paradise Fears

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Photo credit Anna Xu
Photo courtesy of Paradise Fears

Paradise Fears is a Pop-rock band out of Vermillion, SD.  This very talented group features vocals from lead singer Sam Miller, guitar and vocals from both Cole Andre and Jordan Merrigan, Marcus Sands on Bass, Michael Walker on keys, and drummer Lucas Zimmerman.  This band has been writing great, meaningful, and powerful songs for years now that help and touch their many thousands of fans.  With no end in sight to their great music, take a look at what they had to say when BareBones Ent sat down with the band..

BS: For people that haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe it to them?

PF: I would call it alternative pop. Theatrical and dynamic in nature, orchestral in instrumentation, and lyrical in nature.

BS: What would you say makes your band stand out from other bands?

PF: I think it’s because we have a genuine passion for making music and connecting with our audience, so we dedicate our entire lives to us. I also think our song writing is much more introspective and open than most people are comfortable being.

BS: What bands have influenced the style of music that you make?

PF: Lately, it has been Coldplay, Adele, Drake…all kinds of different and eclectic artists.

BS: You guys are known to enjoy doing some covers, what is it about doing covers that you like?

PF: It allows us to take a few more risks musically and creatively, because of the “it’s just a cover” mentality. It also allows us to be a part of a conversation of what’s musically relevant – we take the songs people are talking about, and offer our interpretation. It’s really just a fun process, always.

BS: In this past year you released a cover of Gym Class Heroes song, “The Fighter,” what made you want to do this cover?

PF: The idea for covering originally came because I loved the idea behind the song, and we’d been waiting for an opportunity to donate to a Children’s Hospital in South Dakota, and the song and timing seemed perfect.

BS: With this song you went to a children’s hospital to spend some time with the children there.  Which is absolutely amazing, what was the experience like for you?  Is it true all of the proceeds from the song were donated back into the Children’s Miracle Network?

PF: It is true, and we still are! It was an amazingly enriching experience – all of the kids we meet, and the people that worked with them on a daily basis were truly inspiring.

BS: In 2011, you released an album, Yours Truly, Is there a song on there that is your favorite to play and why?

PF: I think my favorite song has become “Yours Truly,” the title track – it tells kind of a cool love story, and really establishes a connection with the people most affected by it as they watch us.

Photo credit Anna Xu
Photo credit Anna Xu

BS: A year before you released a great and very inspirational song, that happens to be a fan favorite called, “Sanctuary,” what was the inspiration behind this song?

PF: It’s written about a piano in my church’s Sanctuary, where I used to go when I was a kid and I was upset or scared, and I would play all of my frustration into the piano. My Dad was the pastor, so eventually I got a key, and I would go in there and play all night…and it became my safe place, or my Sanctuary.

BS: Staying on track with inspirational songs, you recently released another powerful song, “Warrior,” what is the story behind the song? [Lyric video can be seen here]

PF: It’s about the pressures of living the life we live, and how hard it is to figure out who you are when you spend so much time around people that have made assumptions about the person you’re supposed to be. It’s about fighting to get back to who you are, and not giving in to being what everyone expects you to be.

BS: How has the response been to the song during your live shows?

PF: It’s been great. On a couple of occasions, people have held up the heart featured in the lyric video, and people seem to really be digging it.

BS: What is the most memorable moment you’ve had performing a concert? And why did it mean so much to you?

PF: Definitely a few shows I can specifically remember launching into the speech I do in the middle of “Sanctuary”, and just being overwhelmed by how passionately everyone was screaming it back to me. That’s a moment right there.

BS: It’s great that you take the time to stop and talk to every fan that comes up to you guys.  What is it like for you being able to meet all of these fans?

PF: It’s amazing – I love hearing their stories – they’re what allow us to keep doing what we’re doing, so it means the world to us that they care enough to come meet us, and we try our best to give them the same amount of attention back.

BS: Do you have any other big tours or concerts coming up in 2013?

PF: We do! …. But we can’t say what they are yet 🙂

BS: If you could go on tour with any band who would it be and why?

PF: Right now, probably Needtobreathe. I think that would be amazing.

BS: What do you think it is about Paradise Fears that is going to give you the ability to have some staying power in music?

PF: The fact that we are truly committed to creating a connection with listeners, and that we’re dedicated to making sure every live show is a true experience, that someone will want to repeat again and again and again.

BS: You guys have done great on following your dreams.  What advice would you have for other young musicians wanting to make their dreams come true?

PF: Live your craft, always be creating and not imitating, and don’t be afraid to be very confident – if you don’t love your band, how are you going to get anyone else to?

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