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Image credit Kimberly Scott Creative
Image credit Kimberly Scott Creative


Adelaine is a rock band based out of Houston, TX. This very talented group has seen success from the very start having their first single hit the Billboard Top 10 Rock charts.  The band is made up of vocalist Stormy Piña, guitarists Wayne Davis and Donny Bayless, bassist Matt Hannum, and drummer Zach Sebree.  Read below and see what the band had to say when they talked with BareBones Ent.

BS: How long has Adelaine been together?

Adelaine: We’ve been together 4 years!

BS: What was it like for you to have you first release to make it into the Billboard Top Rock Charts? Can you walk us through this experience?

Adelaine: It was pretty amazing. We didn’t expect to end up on the Billboard chart! I remember getting a group text from our management letting us know the news, we were all excited and surprised!

BS: What do you think you bring to rock music that makes you stand out?

Adelaine: I take pride in what I write about lyrically. I make it a point to write how I really feel and about real issues and struggles that are close to me. I try to keep it real! ;P

BS: What has been the biggest inspiration for your music?

Adelaine: Our biggest inspiration has really always been life itself. The struggles we face, and the joys we experience. Bringing that experience to other people is our passion.

BS: What song have you written that has the most personal impact for you and why?

Adelaine: Personally one of my favorite songs is “Every Once In A While”. I connect very deeply with every element of that song. Lyrically I talk about how I have a habit of losing myself, drifting off and losing that substance that makes life so beautiful. I go on to sing about how I come to remember who I am. This song hits close to home for me.

BS: What do you feel you put into your music to help fans relate? What message are you typically trying to get across to your listeners?

Adelaine: By keeping my lyrics close to my own experience, I hope that I’m able to connect through others by which they experience their own lives. I believe that one way or another we’re all very alike in our struggles and I’m confident that others will relate.

BS: In April you released Currents, what has the response been like for the album?

Adelaine: The response has been great! We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback. It has been 2 years since our first release so our fans were definitely ready for something new! 

BS: You released, “Bad Blood” as a lyric video.  Are there any hopes for a full music video in the near future? Any information you can give us on it?

Adelaine: We are definitely planning some full music video projects, as well as some acoustic video projects. I can’t say much yet, but I can say that we are for sure working on a special acoustic version of one of our songs on Currents 🙂

BS: “Bad Blood” is in fact a good song.  What is the story behind the song?

Adelaine: Hey thanks! In “Bad Blood” I talk about a grudge that I’ve been hanging on to for a few years now, and how I know that what I need to do is to let it go and forgive. It’s hard to forgive when we’ve been hurt on a deep level, but I feel that it’s essential to let go of the toxic feelings that we let ourselves experience. “Bad Blood” is basically my thought process of this in a song.

BS: What track off of Currents are you most proud of and why?

Adelaine: One of my favorite songs on the album other than “Every Once In A While” is definitely “We’ve Got It Now”. I love the feel of this song, its one of the more groovy tracks. I wrote this song lyrically for my band-mates. We’ve been through a lot together and it’s kind of like a “Hoorah!” song to ourselves. Whenever we’re on the road and we hit a rough patch, I plan on using this song to motivate and annoy everyone, haha! Seriously though. I like this song a lot. 

BS: There currently aren’t any tour dates listed.  What are the chances that fans will be seeing you on tour soon?

Adelaine: We’re currently (hehe) working on a tour in late August! Our fans can expect us to be making the rounds very soon!

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Adelaine: This album “Currents” is no more mine than it is yours. Written for you too, so that we can experience this wacky thing called life together. It’s been a crazy ride so far, thanks for sticking it out with us, and always being so supportive!

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