Q and A with Adrian Galysh

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BareBones Ent got the chance to chat with highly regarded guitarist Adrian Galysh out of Los Angeles. Adrian Galysh is a respected solo artist and session guitarist. He is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his album Venusian Sunrise by re-releasing an updated version of the album. Check out what all Adrian had to say when he sat down with BareBones Ent regarding the new release and what this album means to him.

Photo courtesy of Adrian Galysh

BS: For people that may not be familiar with your work can you tell us a little about what you do?

AG: I’m a full time, professional musician, so that means I wear a lot of hats. Some days are spent writing and recording demos and jingles for commercials, teaching guitar lessons, other days I am performing with my band, in an acoustic duo, or solo jazz gig, and other days I may be putting together lessons for Guitar World, authoring a book, or acting as consultant for a musical instrument manufacturer. My biggest, most recent project, however, has been releasing the 20th Anniversary Edition of my debut record, Venusian Sunrise.

BS: Has there ever been an especially difficult session that you’ve done? What made it more complicated?

AG: Usually, the more complicated guitar sessions are when the composer has a guitar part that was composed on keyboard, disregarding whether it would really be playable on guitar! That happens fairly often.

BS: What types of projects are the most exciting for you to work on?

AG: Album projects are usually the most fun, but jingles and commercials are fun because they are short, just 30 seconds to a minute. I like playing live though, as much as I can.

BS: You recently released the 20 year anniversary remaster of Venusian Sunrise. What was revisiting this album like for you? AG: It certainly took me back in time, and it was fun intimately rediscovering some of the songs I haven’t played since the original recording. Beyond remastering the original recording, I actually re-recorded all the songs, from scratch! BS: How did this come together? AG: The original recording was done when I was about 22 – 23 years old. I recorded it in my parents basement on a single 8 track ADAT machine, along with a keyboard and computer sequencer, and my guitars. It turned out fairly well, considering the limitations, and I went on to sell out that pressing of the CD. The album put me on the map as an up and coming guitarist on the scene. Overtime, after recording more albums, I felt that Venusian Sunrise’s production wasn’t holding up, and I considered re-recording it for years. It wasn’t until last year, after releasing my blues-rock album, Into The Blue, that I realized that 2018 would mark the 20th anniversary of Venusian Sunrise, and really, my solo career. The timing finally seemed right to update this record.


BS: What does it mean to you to have reached a point to be able to remaster and re-release this album to your fans?

AG: Well, its crazy how time flies. You don’t realize how much you have grown as a musician until you go back and recreate your first album, which was the exciting part about this project – bringing my 20 year of experience, and musical growth to songs that I love to play, and represent my genesis. Its also cool to know that people and fans actually care enough about my music to want hear this project, and get their hands on an independently released out of print record.


BS: This album was originally recorded in a way that new listeners may not be familiar with. Can you walk us through that and what made it challenging?

AG: I recorded the original record on an 8 Track Alesis ADAT. Which, compared to today’s computer based recording technology with unlimited overdubbing and tracks, is very limiting. Most songs were tracked as follows: Two tracks of electronic drums (stereo left and right), one track of bass, two tracks of keyboards (stereo left and right), two tracks of rhythm guitars and a lead guitar tracks, and that was it. Eight tracks total. At the time I considered myself lucky, but recording technology improved to so quickly that soon ADATs weren’t even used anymore, and the thoughts of what could have been started to enter my mind.


BS: What do you hope is the biggest takeaway fans have from the re-release?

AG: I think the biggest take away for fans, is that if they haven’t heard this material before, they should be pleasantly surprised by how much of my playing and composing style was there at the beginning. It may have been rough around the edges, and my early influences are pretty apparent, but the foundation was there for me to develop my own identity as an artist.


BS: How have people reacted to the 20th-anniversary release?

AG: So far its been very positive. Luckily, great guitar playing, and ‘shred’ guitar seems be back, so the timing is right. I think a new generation of guitarists and fans of guitar playing are here and receptive to this kind of music. Guitar students are rediscovering Steve Vai, Van Halen, Jason Becker, and Joe Satriani.


BS: What’s next for you?

AG: I will be releasing the backing tracks companion album for Venusian Sunrise. These tracks enable guitarists and students to jam and work out ideas in the context of a band, helping them improve their improvisation skills and develop their musical vocabulary. I’m also thinking about the next record, while I the ‘juices’ are flowing!


BS: Anything else you’d like to add?

AG: Thank you for the interview! People can find out more about my music, lessons, books, and live performances at www.AdrianGalysh.com


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2-8fZhFpiA[/embedyt]
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