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Always Grounded is a pop punk band based out of Connecticut. The band is thrilled to be releasing their first song on October 23, 2020. Take a look below at what Always Grounded had to say when they chatted with BareBones Ent.

Photo courtesy of Always Grounded

BS: What is Always Grounded?

AG: Always Grounded is a five-piece Pop Punk band from Connecticut. We’re a team of misfits who found unity in what we have in common, while still allowing our individual voices to shine through our music.

BS: For music listeners that may not have heard of your band. What would be the closest comparison you feel you could make for your band?

AG: For those who haven’t heard Always Grounded, it’s like listening to the radio in the mid-2000’s, playing Tony Hawk’s Underground, eating hot pizza at a laser tag birthday party, or riding in the car with your friends on the way to Warped Tour. In one word: Nostalgia.

BS: Now the band has a cool make up. How did you guys come together?

AG: Always Grounded started off as a brotherly duo, but when they wanted to go full band, older brother RJ reached out to some friends from the past, and even found one band member online! RJ and David grew up together, and RJ worked briefly with Jude at an emo store in their local mall. Marcelo was discovered after RJ responded to a post Marcelo had made in an online music community.

BS: It’s really awesome that your rhythm guitarist is blind. My wife is actually legally blind. How did he learn to play guitar so well without being able to see?

AG: The eye disease Eli has is called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is where your retina slowly decays over time. Although he cannot drive or read paper without the help of technology, he was able to learn through online videos and guitarists he met on his journey.

BS: Do you feel this changes the way he plays or performs?

AG: It definitely changes the way he performs, as he has to be careful not to fall of the stage or hit his head on the microphone. More importantly, it helps with his anxiety about performing, as it is hard for him to see the audience.

BS: Also, your lead guitarist is a trans man. The punk scene is typically cool. Have you faced any negative response and as a band how do you respond to a possibly insensitive fan? Any advice for any fans that may be struggling with hurtful responses?

AG: For the most part the scene has been pretty accepting to Jude. He hasn’t had a lot of trouble fitting in. Thankfully, he had friends who helped him find his place in the scene. The Connecticut scene is a great place for the LGBTQ+ community.

Always Grounded appreciates diversity, but also understands that not everyone may be fully educated on such topics. We will do our best to educate them; however, people who are unwilling to learn are more than welcome to listen to some other bands, cause we don’t want fans like that.

My advice would be that being trans is one of the most punk rock things you can be. Just remind yourself that you’re way cooler than any transphobe could ever be. As Eli sings in Day by Day, “when you cave to others words you give away your freedom.” Keep being you, and don’t let the bastards get you down.

BS: With your band being able to come together from all different backgrounds and understandings; do you feel that has helped your cohesiveness as a band?

AG: Definitely. Having five different people from five different walks of life can be very intense, but it is super rewarding and makes for great music. We combine our different interests to form something unique. RJ enjoys the old-school pop punk music of bands like blink-182, David mainly listens to classic rock, Jude is the punk rock dude, Marcelo loves metalcore and Spanish rock, and Eli prefers folk punk and acoustic guitar music. Together, we try to blend these sounds in hopes we bring something distinctive to the table.

Photo courtesy of Always Grounded

BS: Your first single “Caffeine Haze” will be coming out soon. Walk us through the creation process of this song?

AG: RJ provided some vocals and lyrics, in which Marcelo used to lay the groundwork for the song you hear today. Jude and Eli put their heads together to come up with some tasty little riffs. David Irish whipped the song into the stratosphere, then brought it back in with his knockout bassline.

BS: So this is the first song you have completed as a band. Tell me the feelings you had the first time you heard the mastered copy?

AG: Everyone was super hyped up when we heard the mastered version, sparking spontaneous one-man jam sessions across the great state of Connecticut. These involved jumping up and down, screaming along to the lyrics, headbanging, and opening up one-man mosh pits.

BS: Who heard the song first or did you listen to it together?

AG: RJ heard it first because the producer sent it to him to be distributed to the whole band.

BS: Where can people pre-save the song?

AG: People can pre-save the song on Spotify by clicking this link:


BS: We found you guys on TikTok. What has that platform been like for you?

RJ: It’s been a really fun platform for me to share my love for music and fool around on.

BS: Do you feel it has been useful in marketing your band?

RJ: Absolutely. I do not think we would have the amount of traction that we do without my followers on TikTok. (rjrudewrastles)

BS: What on TikTok do you personally enjoy watching the most?

RJ: I enjoy watching the punk/alternative TikToks so I can see that the love for the music hasn’t died.

Marcelo: TikTok is really random and that’s what I like about the app. They’re all hilarious.

Jude: I enjoy music TikTok and LGTBQ TikTok. My For You Page is filled with a bunch of gay content creators and musicians.

Eli: I like the ONE PART storytelling and educational TikToks. I like learning and connecting with others.

David: I watched this one video of a guy making a knife out of bone and a rock. Pretty cool.

BS: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you?

AG: You can hit us up on our Facebook, Bandcamp page, Twitter, Instagram, or at our email alwaysgroundedband@yahoo.com.

BS: Anything else you would like to add?

AG: Drink water, eat healthy, get some sleep, go vote, and listen to Always Grounded

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