Q and A with Another Day’s Armor

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Barebones Ent sat down with Another Day’s Armor’s own, Alec Keshishian, to chat about the band and their latest video, “Won’t Stop Me”. Read on and find out about this talented New York based rock band, and what they had to say when they spoke with Barebones Ent.

Photo courtesy of Another Days Armor

BS: How did you guys come together as a band?

AK: It all started with Nick and I. Around 3 years ago, we were playing with a few other guys and they didn’t work out in the end. When it was just the two of us again, we reached out to some friends and other bands we had connections with and eventually, we found the lineup we have now.


BS: Is there a special meaning to the name of your band?

AK: Honestly the name could mean something different for everyone, but I believe life keeps giving you another day and you just gotta carry on and kick its ass.


BS: Why do you feel people should check out Another Days Armor?

AK: People should definitely check us out because we’ve got the music, the look, and the attitude. We always try and add different genres into our music too. For example, ‘Wont Stop Me’ has a jazzy part right smack in the middle of it.


BS: You recently released a video for “Won’t Stop Me”. What was that shoot like?

AK: Shooting ‘Wont Stop Me’ was a ton of fun! It was a beautiful day out and we had people riding their dirt bikes through the set, it was awesome. We were literally playing in a ring of dirt.


BS: What do you feel is something that fans wouldn’t know about filming a music video?

AK: I guess some people don’t realize how many times you have to play the song over and over again. Plus we have to carry all the equipment to the shoot and back when we’re done, so its pretty exhausting.


BS: How have people responded to the video?

AK: Its been unbelievable. We’re about to hit 40k views and the comments have been so positive. The fans we have love it and we keep drawing new fans every day.


BS: What’s next for you?

AK: Well we already announced that we’re going on tour starting in March and we’ve got some festivals lined up as well.


BS: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you?

AK: The best way for fans to reach us is social media, either through our band’s page or our personal pages. Send us a DM!!


BS: Anything else you would like to add?

AK: I just want to thank our fans for really engaging in what we are trying to do, THANK YOU!



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