Q and A with Atlantic Avenue

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Photo courtesy of Atlantic Avenue
Photo courtesy of Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue is a pop rock group out of Reading, PA.  With stepping into big shows from the very start of the band, these guys have worked to get where they are and to be able to keep reaching their fans through their music.  The band is made up of dual threat vocalist and guitarist Jon Sayer, guitarist Joe Croft, bassist Jordan Beissel, and drummer Ryan Linderman.  Check out what they had to share with us here at BareBones Ent. 

BS: You guys are from around Philly, what is the music scene like around there?

Atlantic Ave: We’re from outside Philadelphia so we’ve really only played in the city a handful of times, but our local scene however is still very active and supportive. We’ve always been told the key to success has been to establish a strong local following and I think we did a good job doing so. We try to make every hometown show we play an event to get people excited to come out so it’s never routine or repetitive and I think that has worked in our favor in keeping people coming back.

BS: If I understand this correctly the band got its break by being named MTV’s Breakout Artist of Philadelphia, is this correct? What was that experience like?

Atlantic Ave: we had just become a band at that time actually, we recorded 2 demo songs and submitted them with no expectations at all, we shortly thereafter received news we won and were gonna be playing at six flags in New Jersey opening for All Time Low, and Justin Beiber, and that’s when we realized we needed to assemble a band and get to work. The experience itself was out of control. Playing our first show as a band in front of over 5,000 kids. Looking back now it was probably the worst performance we have ever played but the experience itself gave us that push we needed to make Atlantic Avenue come to life and I don’t think any of us would trade that for anything.

BS: What do you think it is about your band that makes you stand out from other bands in the genre or area?

Atlantic Ave: I think genre wise we stand out because we all have different influences in music and we don’t try to write one specific style of song, we like to have diversity in our songs and not over produce our songs… what you hear on the album is what you’ll hear live. In our area I think we stand out due to the fact we’re one of the few remaining pop-rock bands in our hometown and as far as this band goes we’ve always taken it seriously and looked at it as not only a band but as a business and brand.

BS: What bands influence you guys musically?

Atlantic Ave: We’ve been influenced by so many different bands, we’re constantly listening to many genres and looking for new ideas we can add to our songs. But we all grew up during the drive-thru records era (Starting Line, New Found Glory, Early November) and we’ve been influenced by bands like All Time Low, Mayday Parade, We The Kings and the list goes on.

BS: Now a lot of people do not look fondly at depth of lyrics in the pop rock genre, Can you describe any songs of yours that have more depth and meaning to you?

Atlantic Ave: I think every song we have has some sort of truthful lyrics inspired by actually events. We’re not gonna write songs full of just cut copy pasted lyrics and call it a day. I think the best songs come from the lyrics that you can relate to and think in your head, “I know exactly what they’re talking about” or can identify with that situation… sometimes song lyrics can put your emotions and feelings into words you couldn’t come up with and make you feel like you’re not alone in feeling something.

BS: You guys played some dates over the summer at Warped Tour, what was that like?

Atlantic Ave: Warped Tour is a great experience…people say if you can survive Warped Tour you can do any tour…we’ve done it twice now so I think we can handle any tour in the future. Warped Tour is fun as hell but it is also a lot of work…you’re basically on the clock 24/7. Its hotter then hell, you barely sleep, and you drive between 5-10 hrs a night to make it to a 8am check in at the next venue the following day…while you’re on Warped Tour you miss home and your bed like no other but as soon as you get home and reality sets back in you’re ready to be back on the road.

BS: How was the response from the fans out there at those dates?

Atlantic Ave: The fan response was different every day…we had a lot of challenges ahead of us considering we had never been to several states the tour went on…so we had to basically hustle kids everyday to check us out and audition for them on stage. The cool part of it though was a lot of the states we did visit however we ran into people who bought our EP the previous summer and remembered us…it’s an amazing feeling to know even after a year in-between people still recognized and remembered us and were fans.

BS: What other types or tours have you been on?

Atlantic Ave: We’ve done a lot of 2 week tours mainly east coast. Lately we’ve been doing a lot of extended weekend runs touching on states we just visited to keep our buzz going.

BS: If you could tour with any band who would it be?

Atlantic Ave: We’d love to tour with any of the bands we listed previously that inspired us but honestly, touring is just fun and we like touring with other up and coming bands or anyone we can generally learn from. I think seeing other bands and how they do things has helped us become who we are today. Our first tour we had no idea what we were doing. Now we have a lot more insight and knowledge about us.

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Avenue
Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Avenue

BS: What was the contest you guys won to be able to play with Sum 41, can you explain it?

Atlantic Ave: We met a girl on Warped Tour who introduced us to a website that runs contests for opening spots on big tours and we entered the one for Sum 41 in our hometown area and we were judged off of live videos of us performing and we ended up winning the contest.  It wasn’t really something we thought a lot into but when we saw how close we were to winning we got real excited since sum 41 was one of our fav bands to listen to growing up and it was just a really awesome feeling to win the contest and play the same show as them for an almost sold out show.

BS: What was sharing the stage with one of the great pop punk bands, Sum 41, like?

Atlantic Ave: It was really awesome actually, We opened the show up and it took about 1-2 songs for the crowd to warm up but after that they were really into it and excited, I think it was a great way to get the night underway and energize the crowd.

BS: Did you get anytime to talk with them? Were they able to offer any advice to you guys?

Atlantic Ave: haha, no unfortunately, Sum 41 stayed on their bus until they took the stage and directly back after they finished.  No words were exchanged.

BS: You guys released an album called “When the lights go down” are there any tracks off of there that you are most proud of? And why?

Atlantic Ave: I think as a whole were all proud of that album from start to finish. We wrote that album as a band we all had our hands in it and I think it’s a great debut for us to show the world who we are…as for tracks we’re most proud of I’d say “Overrated” and “The Fool I Am” are my two favorites they just in my opinion are well written and driving songs that are most relatable to us as individuals.

BS: Can we expect to hear any new music from you anytime soon? Maybe a new album or EP?

Atlantic Ave: We’ve been actually starting to work on some new material as of late, we’ve been really busy since the album came out and we’ve been busy promoting those songs, we want to give the album a chance to be heard and recognized before we drop new music on people, especially at live shows.  Fans want to go to a show and hear songs they know that they can sing-a-long to rather then hearing a bunch of new songs they’ve never heard yet.  But yes, we are working on some new material and a couple acoustic versions of songs that we plan to hopefully release sooner than later for everyone to check out, along with plans for a new music video in 2013

BS: Your song “The Fool I Am” is a great song. I like it a lot. What was the inspiration behind the song?

Atlantic Ave: The fool I am is basically a song about looking at a relationship from the outside and seeing it fall apart and whether its worth holding on to and fighting for or giving up.  I’m sure we’ve all experienced something similar or can relate to the song to some degree.

BS: You also have a single out called “Talk of the Town”, what has the response been like for this song?

Atlantic Ave: Talk of the town was the first music video we ever shot and was the first release we did after the “one night only” EP.  Talk of the Town in my opinion is a very fun song, its not necessarily our musical style its more poppy but its nice to have diversity in your songs.  But “Talk of the Town” has become a fan favorite especially at our local shows we play, so we keep it in rotation and have fun with it.

BS: Is there anything big in the works currently for Atlantic Avenue?

Atlantic Ave: We’re currently getting ready for our 3rd annual Christmas show at bldg24 in reading which is always a great time for us, its our tradition we’ve done since we’ve been a band, and we’re also working on some new songs and acoustic versions of older songs to release.

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Atlantic Ave: Without our fans we wouldn’t have done any of the things we’ve been able to do or go to the places we’ve been.  You guys are the lifeblood of this band and we thank you guys for your support and hope to continue it for as long as we possibly can!

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