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BareBones Ent recently sat down with country singer and 2015 BareBones Female Vocalist of the Year winner, Bethany Becker. After having recently released her debut album, I Want Love, she’s been keeping herself busy. Find out what all she had to say about the new album, awards, and what’s next for her!

BS: It’s been a little bit since we talked. How’ve you been?
I’ve been great! Busy, but great :). A lot has happened since I released my EP in 2014, and it has been a fun journey.

BS: You just released your debut album, I Want Love. What was the creating of this album like for you?
This sounds cliché, but it was a dream come true! I keep thinking about how my twelve year old self would be screaming if I told her she’d get to create and release an album in just a few years. As far as the actual creation process, I’ve really fallen in love with songwriting and recording. There’s something really cool about watching a song go from an idea to a fully produced piece of art. It’s funny to me that some ideas and hooks I came up with just sitting in my room are now out of my head and on an album.

BS: What was the most challenging song for you to write and why?
I would have to say “Walls.” When I came up with the hook it was really directed at myself. I have issues with trying to always appear like I have it all together and have a hard time trusting people with my flaws. In the song, I acknowledge that we need to tear down the walls we put up and let people in. It’s really personal to me.

BS: What song are you most excited for people to hear or think they’ll most relate to?
BB: I go back and forth on this one, but lately I’ve been getting quite a bit of a reaction to “Goodbye.” It’s about reaching a point after being dumped where you realize “Wait, that was actually a super terrible relationship, and I’m way better off without them,” but it’s not from an angry, prideful, or vengeful perspective. I don’t think that’s something we see a lot in songs that deal with moving on, so I’m excited for people to hear it 🙂

BS: We loved the album. What other responses have you received on it?
BB: Aw thank you! I’ve received a very positive response so far, which of course means the world to me since I’ve poured my heart and soul into this thing. I’m excited to see where it goes 🙂

2015 Female Vocalist of the Year

BS: Last year you won our Female Vocalist of the Year award (voted on by your fans). What was that like for you?
BB: That was really exciting for me, especially because it was fan voted! I was behind for most of the competition but they pushed me to the front before the end. It was super unexpected and I am very thankful to everyone who voted 🙂

BS: What did it mean to you to win and see so much support?
BB: It made me super happy! It’s great to be reminded that so many awesome people have my back and care about me and my music 🙂

BS: Hot off a new album are you ready to try and take it again this year?
BB: Yes I am! Haha it’s really up to the fans and not me, but I’m trusting that they’ll support me again this year 🙂

BS: What’s next for you?
BB: My focus right now is promoting I Want Love! I have a full band now and they’re super awesome, so we’ve been working on booking and playing shows as much as possible. I also have big plans for YouTube this summer…so stay tuned 😉

BS: Any shows or tours you can share with us?
BB: My show schedule is constantly growing, but you can check out what’s coming up at http://bethanybecker.com/upcoming-shows/

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans out there?
BB: Thank y’all so much for sticking by my side through this journey and supporting my crazy dreams! I hope y’all love this new music as much as I do <3


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