Q and A with Big Smile

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Big Smile has been taking their time over the years to carefully build a large fanbase around their hometown of Cincinnati, OH. This pop punk band recently released an EP in 2019 and is beginning the process of releasing more music in 2020. Plus, how can you go wrong with midwest pop punk? Take a stroll with us and see what BareBones Ent and Big Smile had to discuss when we (virtually) met up.

Photo courtesy of Big Smile

BS: How would you best describe your music?

Big Smile: The perfect blend of smooth pop and alt punk with heartfelt lyrics and passionate delivery.

BS: What do you feel it is about your band that fans should check out?

Big Smile: Personally, I love how our subject matter isn’t your basic pop punk subject matter, we try to keep each release unique

BS: Your song “Killdozer” has a strong message in it. What made you want to write about that topic?

Big Smile: The topic means a lot to me having experienced the issue myself and also seeing my friends endure the same hardship. Its heartbreaking and I needed to get it on paper.

BS: How much research does that take to write something with a message such as that?

Big Smile: We did a good amount of research especially before shooting the music video. We definitely wanted to make sure we had the facts straight.

(See the video at the bottom)

BS: This is such a relatable topic for many people and their families. What has the response been like from listeners?

Big Smile: We’ve heard a lot of heart warming recovery stories as well as some very kind words from listeners. It means the world to us to hear positive feedback.

BS: Is this solely a single or are you able to say if it is part of an EP or album?

Big Smile: It’s the first of a series of singles!

BS: What are you currently working on?

Big Smile: Well we are currently working on videos for our next releases!

BS: This has been a tough year, but what goals do you have for the remainder of the year?

Big Smile: We would love to get back on the road before the year is out but can’t count on it. For now we would just love to keep connecting with people through our songs.

BS: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you?

Big Smile: The best way to reach us is to message us on Instagram!

BS: Anything else you would like to add?

Big Smile: Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Spotify or whatever streaming platforms you use and look out for our next release.

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Brian Swann

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