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Blameshift is an exciting alternative rock group out of New York.  The band features the moving vocal stylings of Jenny Mann, Guitarist Tim Barbour, Nathan Saake on drums, and bassist Vince Monticciolo.  For some reason that I cannot see this band has not been signed by any record label yet, but is very deserving.  Take a look at this awesome interview we got to do with Jenny.

BS: Thank you for doing this interview, you guys have some great music.  Firstly for readers who are not familiar with your band, how long has Blameshift been together? 

JM: We have been together for about 7 years.

BS:  I really like your music, what genres would you say you best fit into? 

JM: We are a rock & roll band with pop tendencies!

BS: What is the creative process like behind a Blameshift song? 

JM: It usually starts with a guitar riff or a vocal melody idea. It slowly builds from there. Lyrics are usually added towards the end along with production ideas. It is a really fun process.

BS: What bands do you feel most influence your music and why? 

JM: We love bands like Foo Fighters, Muse, The Used, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Paramore, Anberlin, Yellowcard and Taking Back Sunday just to name a few. There are so many bands that have influenced us each in the past and continue to do so today.

BS: Slowly there have been a growing number of female led bands in hard rock; do you think there have been any difficulties in being a female led band in predominately a male scene?  Do you think that offers you an advantage, because you bring something different to fans?

JM: When we started playing I could only name a handful of female fronted bands…today it is a different story. I think it’s amazing and I feel like the more the merrier. There are always challenges being a female in a mainly male industry but I enjoy the challenge. It’s always fun to get on stage and have people have a preconceived notion and then by the end of the show they have your respect. That’s my favorite feeling.

BS: What makes Blameshift stand out from other female led rock bands, and rock bands in general?

JM: We try to bring the “show” to every single performance. We travel with a full light show that is synched up to our music. It really sets us apart from other bands and makes the visual aspect of the show more enjoyable. Our live energy is also something that sets us apart from other bands. You have to come to a show and see for yourself 😉

[would love to see you in Dallas]

BS: I was actually originally contacted on Twitter by your bassist Vince, asking me to check out your music, so I gave it a listen and immediately sent him a message talking about doing an interview.  How do you think Twitter or other social media has helped your band?

JM: Social networking has definitely been very beneficial to bands over the last few years. It is so much easier to connect with fans and keep relationships. We use twitter and Facebook all the time to keep in touch with our fans and keep them up to date with us.

BS: What types of tours have you all been on?

JM: The last year has been amazing for us as far as touring goes. We toured with Straight Line Stitch in June/July and 12 Stones, Throwing Gravity and Digital Summer in July/August. We head out in a few days with our good friends in Dive. Next year will bring a lot more touring for us!

BS: Do you have a favorite and why?

JM: The last tour we were on with 12 Stones was definitely the most amazing tour we have done. All the people on the tour became family. It will definitely be hard to beat that tour.

BS: If you could tour with any band who would it be and why?

JM: I would love to tour with Taking Back Sunday or The Used. I am a big fan of those bands and feel like there would be a lot of fun to be had…plus the shows would be amazing!

BS: Now from what I understand when you released your EP, “The Black Rose,” your fans through the Kickstarter site funded it, is that correct?  What did that mean to you?  Did it make the EP that much more special to you because your fans funded it?

JM: Of course, it was such an honor to have our fans come through for us. The support was overwhelming. It made the release very special for us. We have always said that we have the best, most loyal fans in the world and we truly believe it.

BS: Since the fans helped with it, what was the response like once it was released?

JM: The response was amazing. We ended up giving away the EP for free for over 6 months. It was very important for us to give back and we felt that giving away the music for free was a great way to do that. It got our music into the hands of music fans, which is our number one goal!

BS: Do you have a favorite track off of the EP to perform?

JM: I think the most fun track to perform live off that EP is “Figure Out A Way”. It’s upbeat and really high energy. The crowd usually loves it too!

Image courtesy of Blameshift’s Facebook

BS: I saw the video for your single “Ghost,” which is both a great song and video.  What inspired the song?  And separately what made you make the video in that way? 

JM: The song is about a past relationship. It’s basically about that kind of relationship that just keeps coming back to haunt you. No matter how hard you try to move on…that person is so hard to leave behind. We wanted to do a video that wasn’t as literal as the actual meaning of the song. The video is more a metaphor…the director Jay Sansone did a great job of telling the story!

BS: From what I saw you were creating a new music video from October 3-8 for the song “Secrets,” is that right?  Can you release any details for us?

JM: Yes, we actually went with a crew of about 10 people to a town called Lawrenceburg, Kentucky to shoot the video. We shot the video in an old mansion from the 1800’s called the Ripy House. It was an amazing experience for us and the vibe of the house is gonna make for a really unique video!

BS: Can we expect another EP or perhaps a full length soon?

JM: We had intended on releasing an EP in the new year but it turns out we will actually be releasing a full length record around March/April. We are really excited because our last two releases have been EP’s. We can’t wait to share this new music with the world!

BS: What would you say is your goal for the rest of the year and next year?

JM: We will be touring for the month of November with Dive around the Midwest and East Coast. In early December we head out to LA to finish our full-length record. And then starting January we will be on the road full time. Dates and tours to be announced soon!

BS: Is there any news on the horizon that your fans can look forward to from the band?

JM: Just a lot of touring, a new record, and a new music video. This is really an exciting time for the band. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter and keep up to date with what we have going on.



BS: Is there anything else you would like to say to you fans?

JM: We love you all and appreciate your constant support more than you know. Try to come see us out on the road sometime soon…we would love to meet you!

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