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Photo credit Jessica Fox
Photo credit Jessica Fox

BoyMeetsWorld is a rock band out of Cincinnati, OH that is working to bring a new light to a name that was popularized by the 90’s sitcom by the same name.  With many songs about overcoming difficulties and just being yourself the band looks to inspire fans.  BoyMeetsWorld is made up of brothers Craig Sulken on vocals, Brad Sulken on bass, drummer Ryan Sulken, and guitarists Pat Bryant and Drew Richter.  Take a stroll with us below and see what the guys had to say.

BS: First question on many people’s minds is: What made you choose the name BoyMeetsWorld, since it was a very popular 90’s show too?

BMW: We chose the band name not only because it was an awesome 90’s TV show, but it really did describe the formation of the band and how we started. Long story short, Craig attended his freshman year of college at a school called Nova Southeastern University (Florida), but deep down really wanted to start a brand new band and play music and tour for a living. After the years was over he moved back home and we started this band with that one goal and with the mindset that we’re going to go all out with this and work at it as hard as possible. What ‘BoyMeetsWorld’ means to us is literally “meeting” the world one on one, and making the most out of every opportunity that comes your way – living your dream and never looking back.

BS: What is it like having 3 brothers in the band? Does it add some sibling conflict or does it help the band dynamic?  Why do you think that is?

BMW: Haha, having three brothers in the same band is exhausting to say the least. I guess since we’re brothers and have lived with each other our whole lives, we’re not afraid at all to call each other out and really tell each other how we feel in any situation, which in the end I guess is best but during the process is usually a ton of arguing. All in all I think it really helps the band dynamic though and like-ability. It definitely adds character to this band and it’s amazing to share these memories and experiences with your family.

BS: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not playing music?

BMW: When we’re not playing music a lot of us enjoy being outdoors. Running, playing Frisbee, hiking, swimming, etc. are all activities we take part in while we’re not slaving away at our ‘real’ jobs. We’re just waiting for the day where touring becomes our ‘real job’.

BS: Your music seems very set on sending a positive message to the listener about growth and staying positive.  What would you say you try and get across to the listener with your music or what is your message as a band?

BMW: This kind of ties into our band name and the first question, but ultimately we try to urge our fans to be happy and live life with a positive outlook. That might sound cliché but it’s true, and we see too many people losing grasp of reality and getting caught up in things that aren’t really as important as friends and family. Do whatever it is in life that is going to get you to the next level of doing something you love to be doing.

BS: The band seems to pull many influences into your style.  What bands have been the biggest influences to you musically?

BMW: Musically, the bands that have influenced us are Mayday Parade, All Time Low, We The Kings, and many more, but I think growing up and listening to bands such as Sum41, Blink 182, Green Day, Good Charlotte have definitely had an impact of what we write as well.

BS: You recently released your debut EP, Do What’s Best for You. I know it’s a tough question, but what is your favorite song off of the EP and why?

BMW: It is a tough question because each song holds a different meaning and is unique in it own way (for us at least), but our favorite song off of the EP is probably ‘Right Where We Belong’ because it was the first song written for this band and basically is what started the band in the first place. It really gave the band meaning and a great starting point. We also recorded our first professional music video for the song so it’s pretty cool in that way as well.

BS: How have fans reacted to the EP?

BMW: We’ve had such an amazing response to the release and we’re extremely grateful to have such great fans that support us. Our EP release show was packed and definitely a night we’ll all remember for a while. I feel like the release was pretty anticipated by everyone so it was the best feeling celebrating all of the hard work that we put into it, with all of our friends’ bands.

BS: “Head Up High,” is a great song.  What was the inspiration behind the song?

BMW: Thank you so much. The lyrics to “Head Up High” were really mostly written by our old singer, who we’re still really good friends with, about a friend of his that attempted suicide. The chorus of the song pretty much sums up the message – “So keep your head up high, and it’ll be alright.” We hate to hear about any self-harm or even family problems of anybody, and we hope that this song serves at least as a bit of inspiration to anybody that might be going through rough times in life. We just want everybody to know that it does (and will) get better; you just sometimes have to search a little harder and change your outlook on things.

Playing Warped. Photo by Krista Rudolph
Playing Warped. Photo by Krista Rudolph

BS: What show are you most looking forward to playing?

BMW: We know that this was a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve been really busy, therefor slacking on answering these questions, but winning a slot and performing on the Cincinnati date of Van’s Warped Tour was by far the most exciting and anticipated show we’ve ever been apart of.  Just being the tiniest part of such an amazing event was amazing and definitely left us wanting more. So from here on out the show we’re most looking forward to is being able to play Warped Tour again 😉 

BS: What is your favorite part of playing live?

BMW: Our favorite part of playing live is probably just being able to play in front of people and feeding off of each other’s energy. There’s nothing more exhilarating that everybody jumping around and screaming back to you lyrics of songs you wrote.

BS: What question do you get the most from your fans that come out to shows?

BMW: “Hey, so what time do you play?” haha

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

BMW: We would just like to say thank you to anyone who has came out to a show, listens to a cd, or even might have just checked us out on Facebook one time.  I feel like we say it a ton, but it’s the least we can do – our friends and fans, like any other band, are the main reason we have gotten to the point where we are, and they keep us motivated to keep pushing and writing songs to our best abilities. Also, thank you for the awesome interview and opportunity!

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