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Photo by David Le
Photo by David Le

Brandon Chase is a very talented country artist out of BareBones Ent’s own backyard in Arlington, TX.  This guy has been on quite a ride lately from playing for big hometown crowds, blowing people away on The Voice, and working on a new record.  If you haven’t heard Brandon Chase yet you have been missing out.  Check out what Brandon had to say when he chatted with BareBones Ent.

BS: How long have you been playing country music?

BC: I’ve been playing country music for about 4 years probably.  I’m 20 now and started when I was about 16.  Before then I was still doing music since I was 13 but I was more focused on song writing and my church worship.

BS: So you’re from around Dallas, TX?

BC: I’m from Arlington, TX, born and raised here.  If you’re not familiar we’re home to Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys and pretty much all the fun stuff. (laughs)

BS: Were you able to catch some good country acts growing up around here?

BC: Yeah, you know, there are so many great Texas artists.  Texas is kind of like its own country (laughs), and there are a lot of artists that only tour Texas and they make a great living out of it.  They’re really popular in Texas but they can go out of Texas and are relatively unknown.  It’s kind of a cool thing, like we have our own music scene that’s totally separate from the rest of the world.

BS: Before The Voice what type of shows had you played?

BC: Before going on The Voice I had played a ton of shows.  For 2-3 years I was calling any and every venue and basically begging them to let me come play there.  With some of them I was turned down because I didn’t have a big enough fan following and they had a limit, I guess, where you had to at least have a certain number of followers and that kind of thing.  I played coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and dance halls.  I played at Cowboys in Arlington for about 6 months, and that was a house venue gig.  It’s one of the largest honkey-tonks there is and I think it is the 2nd largest one in Texas.  The first is owned by the same company but in San Antonio.  That was playing in front of a crowd of close to 3-5,000 every night.  On Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday I did 3 sets a night during that.   It was a lot of work singing that much every night.  I had a really great experience there, because I really learned how to become a performer.  I think out of all the stages I played that, that’s the stage that really prepared me for The Voice.

BS:  I can definitely imagine that would help with building up some experience and building a loyal fan base. 

BC:  Yeah, absolutely.

BS: After going on The Voice do you feel you have a lot more options now? Like how clubs turned you down before do you think this has changed that?

BC:  I definitely have a lot more options.  I haven’t been doing a ton of shows since The Voice, I’ve been more focused on the record and radio, but I do definitely have a lot more options.  I’m really looking forward to when I start going on tour and being able to open up for somebody.  I think I’m going to have a much easier time getting relations with other artists and getting the tours.

BS: Speaking of opening up for someone, is there anyone that would be your dream to open up for?

BC: Keith Urban, he’s one of my biggest influences.  Second to him would be Rascal Flatts.  I love both of their music, and I’ve heard that all of them are just really awesome guys personally.  I would love to be on tour with somebody who actually cares and tries to nurture the upcoming talent and tries to show them the ropes.  It’d be a really awesome experience.

BS: What was it like going up there in front of music superstars and millions of people watching and playing your song?

BC: That was like the most nerve wrecking experience of my life.  As soon as I opened the door and all the way to the stairs and then on the stage I was just shaking I was so nervous.  Kind of like as soon as I stood on my mark, where the mic stand was, I positioned myself and was ready to go before the music started all the noise I heard and all the thoughts in my head going crazy and my world spinning it all just started to slow down.  I’m really grateful for all that, that happened because if I would have sang under the nerves that I was feeling on the way to the stage it’d have been disastrous (Laughs).  It kind of calmed down and I was able to reel it in enough to be able to sing well enough to make a spot on Team Blake.

BS: Did you always want Blake to choose you, or was it a tough choice for you?

BC: You know, I knew that I really wanted to be on Team Blake obviously if he turned around.  But I told myself that I would make that decision once I was on stage.  I really like Adam and respect him as a musician.  You know, all of the judges have something to offer.  They’re all different and it just kind of depends on what you want to learn and who you want to be coached by.  I knew that Blake was, kind of, my obvious choice.  I thought anything could happen, any of them could say something that would spark something in me that could get me to go a different direction.  Blake just kind of hit the nail on the head, and he just started talking about how I’m a true country artist and it’s in my blood.  You heard all that when his chair was turned around, so that sealed the deal for me. [lets travel back to that moment!]


BS: What was this experience like for you?  What was the most helpful thing you learned from doing it?

BC: The thing I learned most, and it’s not necessarily something new I learned, it’s just the way it was said to me and it opened my eyes in a new way is that to live the song that you are singing. Put yourself in the song and believe the words that you are singing.  If it’s a song about hurt feel that hurt.  Every single line and every word is so important that if you lose connection with the song you’ll instantly lose connection with the audience.  All it takes is that one little disconnect and you’ve lost them for good.  Just really be in the song and live the song that you are performing.

BS: That’s a great lesson to pick up on, and really try to make that connection with the fans and it helps them to connect to the song.

BC: Absolutely

BS: Besides the record, what else have you been up to since you left the show?

BC: I’ve been up to a ton of press stuff which I’m really excited about because it’s just really cool seeing stories about me and my music.  Before this I had none of that and always wanted to do it.  It’s just been really awesome meeting a ton of cool people and going to Nashville and playing for places like CMT, Make-A-Wish, and see these different organizations that are doing awesome things.  Just being able to meet them and start a relationship with them and trying to get on everybody’s radar.  It’s been a really great experience for me and getting connected in the country music community and with its fans.  Just being a part of it instead of standing on the outside looking in.

BS: Definitely, it has to be really rewarding to know that you have been starting to get noticed and getting the recognition for the music that you’re playing. 

BC: Yeah, it’s totally rewarding and there’s been a lot of hard work.  It didn’t start with The VoiceThe Voice was just one tool and just one chapter and there’s just been a lot of hard work before and obviously ever since.  I’ve been working really hard so it’s just great to be able to do what I love and sing country music and start to get noticed for all of the hard work that has gone into this.

BS: You just recently released the lyric video for your song “One,” how have people been responding to it?

BC: Yeah, people have been responding really great to the song.  I think mainly because it is such a relatable song.  It’s got a story that pretty much anybody can relate to at least once in his or her life at some point.  That’s just like having that person in your life that’s been brushing you off and not giving you the time of day and you’re like just give me one chance, give me one shot, give me one date, one hangout, session, just let me prove to you that I can be a good thing for you.  That I can have some kind of benefit for your life, and I can make you happy, etc. etc.  I think everybody relates to that and I think the production is really great.  My producer Shaun Giovanni is incredible and did an incredible job on our song and the writers of the song are just incredible.  So, yeah, they’ve been responding really great to it and the official music video is coming out very, very soon.  I’m excited about that and I can’t wait for people to see that and how they respond to that.

[check out the video at the bottom of the interview]

BS: Should fans expect to see the new record come out in 2014?

BC: Yes, definitely in 2014.  I’m hoping before summer is over, but it might be towards the fall.  But it will be out soon, and I’m just pumped to get it out.  I mean obviously I’m going to get it out as soon as possible but I’m not going to rush any part of this and make sure it’s all done right so it can be enjoyable to all the listeners.

BS: Besides the record and music video, what else can fans expect to see from you this year?

BC: Definitely planning on getting on tour.  Got some dates booked, and some festivals up north and what not.  Hopefully they can expect me to be in their city, their hometown, and I just really look forward to meeting my fans on the road and getting to know them outside and around social media like Twitter, Facebook, and such.  Definitely looking forward to starting that in person relationship with my fans.

BS: Any city you’d be most excited to play in?

BC: umm… Not really just any new place and just experience being able to branch out and visit different cities and states that I haven’t been to.

BS: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

BC: I guess, that I’m coming for you.  (Laughs) That I’m coming to meet you, coming to see you, and thank you so much for supporting and believing in me and sharing the record with all your friends.  Keep an eye out for when I’m going to be in a city near you and keep an eye out for the release of the record.

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