Q and A with Brendan from The Monster Goes Rawrr!!

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Photo courtesy of The Monster Goes Rawrr!! Facebook page

The Monster Goes Rawrr is an upbeat party band out of Australia. These guys know how to pump up the crowd and really turn their concerts into a party. The band is made up of Max Weins on vocals, Ross Burbury on vocals and bass, Michael Thomas on lead guitar, Brendan Dunstan on guitar and backing vocals, and Scott Eckel on drums. Take a look below at what these fun Aussies had to tell us here at BareBones.

BS: The Monster Goes Rawrr is a fun name, what made you choose it?

Brendan: Haha, poor decision making abilities mainly, but at least it’s easy to remember.

BS: How long have you guys been together?

Brendan: The band has been around since ’09, but this line up has only been together for a little over a year.

BS: For those of us who are not familiar, what is the music scene like in Australia?

Brendan: That’s a tough one to answer, because there are some amazing bands here in Australia, but the liquor licensing laws make it incredibly difficult for bands and venues to put on good shows. If you can’t fill a 1500 person venue, your options are very limited.

BS: What bands have inspired you guys to make the music that you do?

Brendan: All kinds, from Blink 182, to 3oh!3, to All Time Low, to Steel Panther, to Slipknot. We all listen to a lot of different stuff.

BS: What are your songs typically about?

Brendan: As a general rule, parties, fun and females. We do occasionally drop some emotion bombs though.

BS: Is there a typical writing process that your songs go through? Can you walk us through it?

Brendan: To be honest, we don’t really have a set method. Some songs started out acoustic and turned into dance pop, some were just written on keyboards to test out some sounds, and Max would put lyrics and melodies to them. Most of the time we’ll whack together an instrumental we like, then write to that, but there’s rarely a plan.

BS: I saw that you have shared the stage with some big names, what tours have you been on?

Brendan: We have been lucky enough to share the stage with some of our favorite bands, which was cool. We’ve supported 3oh!3, You Me At Six, The Secret Handshake, and our fellow Aussies Tonight Alive.

BS: Have you done any US shows? Any plans for a US tour?

Brendan: None as of yet, but we’re keen to get over there as soon as we can work out the logistics of it.

BS: If you could go on tour with any band who would it be?

Brendan: That’s a tough one, haha, I think we’d all have different answers to be honest. Personally, I’d love to support All Time Low on a US tour, but as a band I think we’d be collectively most stoked on supporting Blink 182.

BS: You have quite a few tracks available for purchase and some for free on PureVolume. How has PureVolume helped you as a band?

Brendan: PureVolume has been amazing for us, without PV we probably wouldn’t have the following we currently do, and being so dedicated to music it’s an amazing way for us to release new music.

BS: Your cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is fantastic, and is ranked among the most downloaded tracks on PureVolume. What does this mean to you?

Brendan: It’s pretty awesome. We just threw it together for something fun, and new, for fans who’d been waiting patiently. The fact it shot up the charts so quickly meant a lot to us, it’s always a great feeling to know you’re making others happy

BS: What made you want to cover the song?

Brendan: We just heard it and thought ‘damn that’s catchy, but we could make it funnier’. That and Ross is in love with her.

BS: Along with Swift you have also covered “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. Can we expect to hear any more covers from you?

Brendan: We’ve playing some 1D live lately. I’m sure we’ll cover something in the future, but nothing planned at the moment.

Photo courtesy of The Monster Goes Rawrr!! Facebook page

BS: You recently released a single called “November”, which is amazing. I love the song, what can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song? [Video at end of interview]

Brendan: It’s about the moment after a breakup when you realize that you weren’t their first love, you won’t be their last love, and one day a time will come when you don’t mean a thing to them.

BS: What has the response been like for the single?

Brendan: The response has been amazing. So many people have been able to connect with the song, and really feel something, we couldn’t be happier with the feedback.

BS: You have an EP called, “The Walk of Game” coming out 12/12/12. What can we expect to hear out of this album? Any message you are trying to get across through it?

Brendan: For the most part it’s gonna be upbeat, with the occasional sad turn. The EP as a whole is about post breakup life, where you party a lot with friends, make some questionable decisions, pull some douche moves, and then dealing with the aftermath. The only message we’re trying to get across is have fun with your life, and don’t take things so seriously.

BS: What ways can fans get their hands on this EP? Are there any pre-orders?

Brendan: The EP will be available initially only on iTunes and some other yet to be determined online sources.

BS: Are there any full album plans in the near future?

Brendan: Nothing concrete planned yet, but we have begun writing another EP.

BS: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Brendan: We love you. Don’t mind if I Chang. Vodka, lime, soda.

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