Q and A with Call To Attraction

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Photo courtesy of Call To Attraction Facebook
Photo courtesy of Call To Attraction Facebook

Call To Attraction is an exciting pop rock back out of Pittsburgh, PA.  With a strong backing of catchy songs this band is primed to take over the scene.  The band is made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Wood, lead guitarist and vocalist Josh Perrone, bassist Joe Mahoney, and drummer Dylan Wood.  Take a look below at what they guys had to say when they talked with BareBones Ent.

BS: Call to Attraction is a pop rock band, what made you want to make that type of music?

C2A: I’ve always loved pop/rock music. It’s just what I grew up listening too. Pop/Rock also has many of my favorite types of choruses. It really gets me into the song more.

BS: What is your favorite part about making music?

C2A: Listening to what I have created from my head and seeing our fans fall in love with the music.

BS: The band has been through some line-up changes through the years, what makes the current line-up special? Or brings something to Call to Attraction you haven’t had before?

C2A: Our line-up changes happened for many reasons. Either school came into play, or some people just weren’t free enough to take on C2A as a career. Being in a band is a full commitment. It’s like getting married to 3 other dudes.

BS: Can you walk us through how a typical Call to Attraction song is written?

C2A: I write my songs in many unique ways. I first think of a catchy chorus melody and put words to it. I then picture myself in the crowd listening to this chorus and then I write what I would want the song to do next by what I felt in my imagination. It’s really hard to explain honestly. Sometimes you can be sitting at work and whole song can pop into your head. It’s almost like someone is telling me.

BS: Do you have a favorite song to play, and why?

C2A: Caught Me Dreaming is still my favorite song to play. All of our fans know the words to the song and that is just the greatest feeling ever to be on stage and see your fans singing the words to a song that you wrote.

BS: Your songs seem fun, what could someone who has never seen you play live expect from one of your shows?

C2A: A TON of energy. We have a very exciting stage presence. We like to keep the crowd involved throughout the whole set.

Photo courtesy of Call To Attraction Facebook
Photo courtesy of Call To Attraction Facebook

BS: You have an EP, What Comes Next, that came out in 2012, what has the response been like for it?

C2A: The response has been great! We sold many CD’s at our shows throughout the year. Working with Kenneth and Zack was one of the best decisions for this band.

BS: You have a song on the EP called “Good Day”, which is a good high-energy song.  Can you share what the story behind the song is?

C2A: The song is aimed towards having a…good day haha. This one in particular is one of the songs I like to ask fans, well what does it mean to you? I have people come up to me all the time and they talk about what our songs have done for them. Not all the stories they give me are what I wrote about, but hey, if it works for them, I did my job:) I wrote it as me having a great time without a certain someone. But at the same time, I miss her not being there.

BS: Can fans expect new music from you in 2013?

C2A: Of course!!! We have so many demos waiting to be sent off to our producers. We are just waiting for the right time to jump in the studio when our budget allows.

BS: What are your goals for this year?

C2A: We are trying EXTREMELY hard to get signed to a record label. Also we are seeking a booking agent really bad. We are ready to tour our lives away. Just waiting for the opportunity.

BS: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

C2A: Always! We want to thank everybody who has supported us over the years. Without you, we would not be able to keep doing what we do. Support local music and have a blast at our show or any other show. You guys make the music industry work.

Here’s a bonus..it’s too good of a song not to include

Connect with Call To Attraction: Facebook/Twitter

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