Q and A with Canaan Smith

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Photo credit: Dana Tynan

I am the first to admit that I am not a big fan of country music, but when I first heard Canaan Smith’s single “We Got Us,” I had to hear more from this great artist.  He has a great talent and is a joy to listen and talk to.  Canaan Smith definitely is going places, and I’d like to thank him for doing this interview with us.  Check out what all he had to say.

BS: When did you start making music?

CS: When I was a kid actually my older brother played guitar and I thought that was really cool.  I just love making music.  In high school, I started a band with my friends doing talent shows; I guess it was a lot like the Beatles, I really liked the Beatles.  I set the bar very high for myself.  Instead of going out on the weekends we would have slotted rehearsal time.

BS:  What about country made it the place for you as you got more experienced in music?

CS:  My love for country is just the song writing is so world class.  You feel you can connect with the singer, its so relatable.  It taps into the emotion like no other genre does.  Like some other rock or indie songs, are so beautifully poetic.

BS:  How long have you been signed to your label?

CS:  About 2 years ago, I signed with the mercury label under Luke Willis


BS:  What made you choose “We Got Us” as your single? [Video at end]

CS:  We went with that one because it’s the whole country music story.  I think it is something a lot of people could relate too.  I got a lot of messages from people saying that it is their song for many reasons.

BS:  Are there any hopes for an album soon?

CS:  Working hard on a whole album right now.  Being in Nashville Monday-Thursday, and hitting the road on weekends.

BS:  What is your favorite part of making music?

CS:  The feeling when it all comes together, feeling that you successfully said what you wanted to say.  Seeing people’s faces at a live show and them seeing feeling what you’ve been saying.

BS:  What has the response been like to your music?

CS:  Completely positive. I was in Atlanta, the market that played my single the most.  At the height of it I played in Atlanta and heard everyone singing my song at a show. I got to step away from the mic and let them sing it for me.

BS:  What is your favorite song to play live?

CS:  I’m more of a tempo guy myself.  I like to play the tempo songs live.

BS:  I know you just finished up your tour with Sugarland, is there another tour in the works?

CS:  I’m doing both.  I’m touring on my own.  Headlining club shows, so that’s what I am doing on the weekends right now, and then working on the album during the week.

BS:  Have any shows really stood out to you as your favorite?

CS:  One in Gilford, NH that whole show was great.  I got to play a whole set and I got to play my favorite song.  It had a different vibe to it.  And then we had a lobster cook out afterwards by the fire.

BS:  While on tour with Sugarland were they able to offer you any advice to help you?

CS:  They were so good at teaching me at how to be courteous. They realized they worked hard to get where they are, but once you get to that level you can’t act like you are above other people.  They are so great and humble.  Kristian Bush would come out before his time and give himself away to the audience and sing harmony with me on “We Got Us”, I thought that was so great and humble.

Photo credit: Dana Tynan

BS:  I know you were on a very big tour, but if you could tour with any other musician who would it be?

CS:  In our format: Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift. Out of our format: Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Switchfoot, and Coldplay.  Everyone wants to play with Coldplay.

BS:  So are you saying that you draw inspiration from everywhere? 

CS:  Yes, totally.  I listen to everything ever since I was a kid.  From George Straight to George Harrison.

BS:  With all of the changes in being able to contact musicians, how do you feel it is important to communicate with your fans?

CS:  I guess being as accessible as possible.  Like answering people back when they send me a tweet or message on Facebook.  I think being an accessible artist that they can talk to, is more important than just sharing my thoughts.  I enjoy it equally, I hope they enjoy, because I feel that I do.

BS:  What is something big that has happened for you recently?

CS:  I have a song that just got released on Jason Aldean’s album called “Black Tears”, that I am really proud of.  He’s one of the biggest superstars in the format right now, so to have a song that he picked himself, out of the hundreds of choices, is an honor.  We had no idea we’d ever be on an album like this.

BS:  Anything else you would like to tell your fans or people that may not have heard you yet?

CS:  Click the like button on my Facebook page, and if you go to www.Canaansmith.com if you join the email list you get a free download of All in My Head.

Give us a comment below with what you think of Canaan and this interview.

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