Q and A with Charming Liars

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Photo courtesy of Charming Liars
Photo courtesy of Charming Liars

Charming Liars is a rock band, originally a British band, has found a home in LA. Together the band has built a strong bond amongst one another and their fans around the world. Charming Liars is made up of lead vocalist Charlie Cosser, guitarists Karnig Manoukian and Nick Krein, bassist Mike Kruger, and drummer Zack Riel. Check out what the guys had to say when they talked with BareBones Ent.

BS: How did Charming Liars come together?
CL: Karnig and I have been playing in bands together since we were 13. Mike joined us when we were 15. We eventually migrated to Los Angeles where we met Nick and Zack and formed Charming Liars.

BS: How would you best categorize your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before?
CL: Catchy Rock music.

BS: What is it about this band that makes you able to stay together and continue making music together?
CL: Its one of the only things we are all good at! We’ve been playing together for so long, it would feel weird if we weren’t doing it.

BS: How hard was it for you to leave London, and move to LA for a chance to move forward with your music?
CL: Pretty easy to be honest. Obviously we were sad to leave friends and family behind but we were doing what we had always dreamt of doing so we seized the moment and never really had those homesick feelings that other people get.

BS: What obstacles have you faced since you’ve moved to the US?
CL: There’s always obstacles especially doing what we do. We are generally in control of every creative aspect of our bands which is a privilege. However surviving as a professional musician isn’t always easy and you have to doing everything in your power to make ends meet to keep doing what you love.

BS: Your new EP Won’t Give Up, just came out! What was that experience like for you?
CL: Incredible. We worked with two amazing producers (Bob Rock and John Fields) who taught us a hell of a lot. Can’t wait to get back in the studio and do it all again!

BS: We think the EP sounds awesome, how have others fans responded to the new EP?
CL: Thank you! Our fans have been very positive but to be honest, I knew they’d like it. We’d played these songs live for so long now so I knew they were craving the recorded versions.

BS: You released a video explaining the story behind each track. What made you want to do that?
CL: Someone asked, so we told them!

Check out this awesome video, then read on!

BS: Hate to ask (no I don’t) but what is your favorite track off of Won’t Give Up, and why?
CL: Its impossible to pick favorites. They all have a special place in my heart… Wasted

BS: In what ways does this EP differ from your previous work?
CL: All these songs were recorded roughly around the same time so in a sense they are the same “body of work”. So in that case it still sounds like Charming Liars. I think these tracks are maybe more melodic overall in comparison to the first EP.

BS: What are the chances fans may see a full-length in the near future?
CL: We made a full length and decided to release them as EP’s instead. So you’ll probably see a few more EP’s from us instead in the foreseeable future. We will release an album when it makes sense to, otherwise we’ll just keep giving our fans new music every 3-4 months rather than once every two years.

BS: What else do you have planned for 2014?
CL: Touring US, Latin America, UK and hopefully Australia!

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
CL: We are The Desperation! We are The New Disorder!

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