Q and A with Chris Wyse of The Cult

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Photo courtesy of The Cult
Photo courtesy of The Cult

1980’s are still alive and well!  Take popular band, The Cult, for example who are currently on tour in honor of their major album Electric.  We got a chance to speak with Chris Wyse the bass player of The Cult and frontman of Owl.  The Cult is made up of vocalist Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy on guitar, James Stevenson on rhythm guitar, Chris Wyse on bass, and drummer John Tempesta.  Check out what Chris had to say about Electric 13, his bands, and more!

BS: The Cult has been around for a good while now, to what do you attribute the band’s ability to stick together?

CW: The Cult has such strong material and we all have a great relationship together as band members, which is key.

BS: How would you best describe your music for music lovers, who may not have heard The Cult’s music before?

CW: The Cult has a post-punk-to-hard-rock sound that is distinct and classic. I played bass on the last three albums, and have helped shaped the sound a bit for those particular records.

BS: In 1987, The Cult released the album Electric, behind which you are now on the road on the Electric 13 tour.  Which is your favorite song to play live?

CW: We are playing “Zap City” in place of “Born To Be Wild,” which is a fun one.

BS: Why do you feel this album became such a big success?

CW: It has a straight-ahead 1 2 3 punch to it that really resonates.

BS: What made the band want to tour behind this album?

CW: We toured behind the Love album a couple years back and it was great. Hitting the road for Electric was a natural progression to give the fans the live experience with another one of their favorite records.

BS: What is it like for you to be performing in The Cult and then also your band Owl?

CW: It is great because the bands offer completely different experiences.  I formed Owl so that I would have an outlet to write songs and perform with the upright bass.

Photo courtesy of Owl
Photo courtesy of Owl

BS: What are some differences between touring with Owl and touring with The Cult?

CW: Owl is more of a Mom and Pop shop indie touring experience whereas The Cult is very established.

BS: What does this tour feature that fans may not have seen before?  Why should folks come check you out when you come through their town?

CW: We have a great lineup of talent!  Drummer Johnny Tempesta and I are going on 8 years as The Cult’s steady rhythm section and we now have James Stevenson from The Alarm and Generation X on rhythm guitar with us. The band is on top of our game and this is the very first time The Cult is playing the Electric record in its entirety.  This is a must-see tour!

BS: On Sept. 1 you hit Dallas, TX.  What can we expect to see from your show?

CW: It has been high energy every night on the tour and the fans have been getting really into it and getting sweaty with us.

BS: What has been the most memorable show for you so far and why?

CW: We recently played NYC and it was great to have friends and family at the show. I have NY roots, so it was meaningful to see so many friendly faces in the audience.

BS: Are there any shows you are especially looking forward to and why?

CW: I am definitely excited to play the Texas shows because Texas rocks!

BS: What is next for The Cult and Owl individually?

CW: Owl has another video coming soon to support our new record “The Right Thing,” and next year will bring new music from both The Cult and Owl.

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans out there?

CW: I’m really happy to be out on the road and hear so many people mention Owl. The new Owl album is available at the The Cult merch booth, so check it out!

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