Q and A with D.V.O

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Photo Courtesy of DVO
Photo Courtesy of DVO

D.V.O is bringing his own style of pop music to the masses. Find out what all you need to know about this artist from when he sat down with BareBones Ent!

BS: What is D.V.O to you?
D.V.O stands for “Driven to Victory by Originality” – it simply means being who you are and not copying anything or anyone else. My artistry came to me in a dream…I didn’t know what to call myself as an artist. But the name just stuck and I think it has a nice “ring” to it.

BS: What do you hope people to take from your music?
An outer body experience. A feeling of “what did I just hear? (In a good way) I want my music to take people out of there reality for that moment. I sing my truth and some people will be shocked.

BS: How would you best describe the type of music that you make?
I call my sound “Fantasy pop” but it’s really just a sub-genre for POP. I like telling stories, and creating visuals that are cinematically beautiful.

BS: If you could have created any song in history. What would it be and why?
UMMMMMMMMMMMM. HAHA…..wow! That’s a hard one….ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe “You’ll be in my heart” by Phil Collins. That’s one song out of millions I would do ha ha. I’m a huge Disney fan so when I saw Tarzan the animated movie and heard the song, I fell in love. It has such a good uplifting message to it! I love songs that uplift and give people hope. We need more of that.

What is your typical song writing routine like?
Answer: I’m weird; I don’t think I have a routine? I actually write better when I’m upset or sad…I don’t think I wrote a song out of happiness. But I do like to go to Coffee Bean!! It’s awesome and I’m a regular so they always make my drink without me saying it ha ha. I sometimes write 5 songs at once! It just depends on my mood and if I’m inspired.

BS: If you could only play one song to introduce someone to your music. What song would it be and why?
I have a song titled “Home” that I think will touch people. It’s a ballad, it’s raw and deep. And has that magical feel…but that’s a hard question! NOT FAIR!

BS: What are your current goals in the near future for your music?
Currently, I’m about to release a yummy treat for you all SOON! And it’s titled Origin of Times it’s going to be a FREE downloadable cd! It’s kind of like a mixtape but with radio quality. I’m excited! I’m hoping to start doing shows and promoting the cd and introducing myself to the world. A dream goal would be to score a Disney live action film! And work with Tim Burton! I want him to direct all my music videos ha ha!

BS: What are you working on currently?
Putting finishing touches on Origin of Times. It’s very special to me; I wasn’t signed when I created this body of work. It was just me and my producer Matthew Nelson! And we just created music! It’s a beautiful piece of work (I think) I hope everyone else thinks so too May 10th!

BS: What is the best way for fans to reach out to you?
I control all my own social media! So I do write back! There are many ways – Instagram.com/storyofdvo, Facebook.com/storyofdvo, Twitter.com/storyofdvo and my website will be re-launched soon! It’s www.storyofdvo.com

BS: Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you guys at BareBones Entertainment for interviewing me! I can’t wait to reveal my music to the world soon! STAY TUNED!

D.V.O. iTunes

Check out Chapter of Love by D.V.O. below!

[playerzbr url=http://www.barebonesent.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Chapter-Of-Love_Mix2.5masterRADIO.mp3]

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