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BareBones Ent got the chance to sit down with Daniel Corey, the creator of the awesome comic book series Bloodworth! Check out what all Daniel had to say about the creation of the comic, it’s future, TV Spots, and collaboration with BareBones alum Alexx Calise!

BS: What is Bloodworth?

DC: BLOODWORTH is a new comic that I am developing through my company, DangerKatt Creative Studio. It’s a science fiction series that takes place in the near future, a time when people can upload actual memories to the Internet, a process simply called “Thinking.”

We follow the times and trials of FBI Special Agent Brenda Bloodworth, a hardboiled investigator that heads up the Ghost Squad, a team that uses technology to enter people’s most secret memories order to solve crimes. If there’s a high-profile murder or bank robbery, Bloodworth and her team are called onto the scene, where they scan the room and “ghost” into the memories of possible suspects to see what really happened.

But in this future, criminals are wise to this tech, and have their own methods of evading the Ghost Squad. Once Bloodworth is in someone’s memory, she has to do to her best “Sherlock Holmes” and put together inconsistencies between the state of the scene and traces of the various memories she probes.

In our story, Bloodworth is tracking a series of seemingly routine crimes, only to find that there is a massive conspiracy afoot to control minds on a worldwide level.

BLOODWORTH is a cautionary tale that deals a lot with the idea of social media and the mega-corporations that control it, and the danger we are potentially putting ourselves into by giving up our privacy.

BS: You’re currently on Kickstarter to fund the 3rdissue of this series. How did this series initially come to you? How did your team come together?

DC: I spent quite a bit of time contemplating the story and premise of BLOODWORTH. As usual—and writers need to always remember to do this first—everything came together once I had a handle on the character of Brenda Bloodworth, the nuts and bolts of who she is, what her “real-world” problem is. We catch up with Brenda as she faces the biggest crisis of her life: her father, a much-loved congressman, has been murdered, and problemed sister is taking the blame. Brenda is trying to solve this case, but can only do so by dealing with her own memories, the demons of her past, and how those demons present themselves as she Ghosts the memories of the suspects involved.

I had always known that I wanted to do a science fiction story about a law enforcement official that probes memories, but the story, the world, and all of the accompanying rules really fell into place when I figured out how to build Brenda the Human Being. (Which is a hilarious thing to say, since I named this Brenda after my wife Brenda. My Wife Brenda is much nicer than Agent Brenda.)

I met BLOODWORTH artist Chris Fenoglio at Image Expo 2012 in Oakland, CA. Image was celebrating its 20th anniversary by putting on its own convention. I had just released MORIARTY through Image, along with artist Anthony Diecidue and letterer/designer Dave Lanphear. Anthony and I went up to Oakland to table for the weekend, and that’s where I met Chrs. Chris showed me his portfolio, and I immediately loved his work. It took about a year, but when I was working on RED CITY for Image, I was able to give Chris a call and hire him on as my colorist. Since then, Chris has colored ORPHAN BLACK for IDW, and is currently lead illustrator for X-FILES: ORIGINS for IDW. So, Chris is doing really well right now, and I’m lucky to still be able to get him for BLOODWORTH.

BS: How many issues are you planning? Could that change?

DC: At the moment, I am planning on four issues, to complete this first story arc. That’s sort the general pattern in comics: you want to do at least four issues, so that you can get a well-rounded graphic novel collection that gives folks a good read.

I certainly would love to do more volumes of BLOODWORTH, given the chance. It all depends on timing and audience response. Sometimes you keep on plowing through and do more volumes of a particular series, and sometimes you hang it up and come back later. When Anthony, Dave, and I did MORIARTY for Image, we released nine issues, two volumes, which were then collected into a hardcover omnibus edition. We then came back a year later and did the MORIARTY: ENDGAME short story. Right now, I’m getting ready to release a new one-shot titled MORIARTY: THE JADE SERPENT with artist Janet Lee. And I have recently worked with Transmedia Entertianment to adapt MORIARTY: ENDGAME into a Virtual Reality comic book.

So, your characters end up creating a world for themselves. I’m hoping that happens with BLOODWORTH.

BS: If people haven’t checked out your series yet. Can they get the other issues as well as the 3rdone?

DC: Yes, if you pledge our BLOODWORTH Issue #3 Kickstarter, you can get issues #1-3 there.

BS: We share a mutual friend in our 2016 BareBones Female Vocalist of the year, Alexx Calise. How did you two start working together?

DC: Alexx is the best! She is so focused, so hardworking, and SO talented. I met Alexx at a friend’s Halloween costume party. I was dressed like Brad Pitt from FIGHT CLUB, and she was one of the girls from SPRING BREAKERS. So, she looked really cool, and I looked like a guy trying to look cool.

Anyway, we talked a lot that evening about our work, and what we’re doing. We set a meeting a few weeks later, and talked about how we could possibly collaborate. I mean, rock and roll and comics are both pretty disreputable art forms, and go pretty naturally together. It’s been great working with Alexx. I’ve never been friends with a rock and roll star before!

Photo Courtesy of Alexx Calise

BS: What does she do for the comic?

DC: Alexx has contributed singles to our BLOODWORTH Kickstarters, songs that serve as the comic’s soundtrack. The first song she gave us was “PULL IT (BULLET)”, a searing anthem that is now the official BLOODWORTH theme song.

Alexx has also contributed the singles “BREAK ME” and “SURVIVE”. “SURVIVE” is currently available at our BLOODWORTH Issue #3 Kickstarter. It’s a great song, a towering power ballad with the grit that matches the best of what you hear in a rocking G N’ R single.

BS: What made you want to include a musical companion for the comic?

DC: I wanted Agent Bloodworth to have an audible voice. Alexx gives us such raw anger and hope in her singing, and I felt like Alexx would give us an amazing expression of Brenda’s inner voice and character.

BS: How have people responded to having the comic and a song to go with it?

DC: Alexx’s singles, along with digital downloads and print versions of the BLOODWORTH comic, are easily a favorite pledge tier among our supporters. It’s a new thing to a lot of people, mixing rock music with comics. And it helps that Alexx has one of the best voices in the industry.

BS: You also had one of your characters show up in a TV show via T-shirt design. What was that like for you?

DC: That was pretty amazing. My friend Tony Donley is a great artist, and creates his own comics, most notably ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON. Tony graciously contributed a beautiful pinup of Bloodworth for our first Kickstarter, and then got a gig working for the Netflix series SANTA CLARITA DIET.

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Corey

On the show, Skyler Gisondo’s character Eric is a comic book fan, and Tony was tasked with providing original comic art for him. One of the show’s art directors loved Tony’s BLOODWORTH art, so it ended up on a shirt that Eric wears. Pretty surreal, seeing your character and your buddy’s artwork on a show that is reaching a worldwide audience!

BS: What is one of your favorite rewards that you are currently offering?

DC: We are blessed to have world-renowned pop surrealist Camilla d’Errico on this issue. Camilla did the cover artwork, and it looks amazing. She was so good to work with! Such a pro, and such a nice person. She completed the work inside a few days, and her depiction of Agent Bloodworth is absolutely stunning.

In this current Kickstarter campaign, you can pledge to get color prints signed by Camilla, and you can also pledge to get her original graphite drawing to hang on your wall.

BS: Lastly, where can people back this project?

DC: Find us here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dangerkatt/bloodworth-issue-3.

Please feel free to share with friends! Thanks to all that have taken the time to read this, and thanks to BareBones for the lift!

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