Q and A with Danny Stillman of Bleach Blonde

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Photo by Andy Mar
Photo by Andy Mar

Bleach Blonde is an alternative rock band out of Denver, CO.  The band was signed to Rise Records this past year and has quickly begun to build a following.  The band is made up of vocalist Danny Stillman, guitarist and vocalist David Barella, guitarist Michael Payne, Drummer Danny Cooper, and bassist Coty Eikenberg.  Below is our interview with Danny Stillman.

BS: How did you come up with the name Bleach Blonde?

DS: Well there are a few reasons I chose the name Bleach Blonde.  When we first started demoing all I could think about when writing was the beach and summer for some reason. So when I was thinking of the beach on a summer day Bleach Blonde came to mind. Secondly bleach is a very corrosive yet cleansing agent and blonde represents something more refined and visually appealing this is how I would describe our sound sonically.

BS: I heard part of it was in honor of Nirvana.  As a Nirvana fan, is this true and why?

DS: Guilty, I’m a huge Nirvana fan in fact “Heart Shaped Box” was the first song I learned on guitar. But Bleach is my favorite album.

BS: You were signed to Rise Records this past year.  What was that like for you getting signed so soon?

DS: It was really incredible actually haha. We were really taken back by how fast we landed a deal.

BS: What has it been like working with a label with such a great history like Rise?

DS: Rise is really awesome they have a wide variety of bands and really stay true to an Indie label mentality. We are able to have 100% creative control.

BS: Do you have any label mates you would love to collaborate with? And why?

DS: Ace Enders from the Early November would be really fun because I’ve always admired his work as I’ve grown up.

BS: You released a self-titled EP this year.  What has the response been like for it?

DS: Well very good! You can’t please everyone though but we try.

BS: Is there a song that you are most excited for people to hear, and why?

DS: I really can’t pick one song we’re proud of all 3 songs.

BS: “Play Catch Up is a good song with a lot of energy.  What is the story behind the song? 

DS: The song is about a previous relationship I had in the past.  It’s one of those break ups where you’re nothing but bitter in the beginning and very cynical about everything, but over time the bitterness fades away. I feel like we’ve all been there.

BS: What is your favorite song to play live, and why?

DS: Right now our favorite song to play live is actually “Play Catch Up cause it’s non stop energy.

BS: When can fans possibly see you in a city near them?

DS: We plan to tour summer 2013 across the entire US.

BS: If you could go on a dream tour with any band, who would it be and why?

DS: I would have loved to be on the Jimmy Eat World Clarity tour. That record has done wonders for me inspirationally.

BS: This year is already starting out strong for you guys.  What else do you have planned for 2013?

DS: We hit the studio with producer Kris Crummet in Portland, OR starting Feb 17th and are scheduled to release our debut full length early summer!

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

DS: Thank you guys so much for your continuing support! You guys keep us moving everyday and playing music for you is a treat.

Brian Swann

Brian Swann

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