Q and A with Eve To Adam

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Photo courtesy of Eve To Adam Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Eve To Adam Facebook page

Eve To Adam is a hard rock band out of New York, NY. These guys bring that great classic hard rock feel to their music that we’ve been starving for recently. This great band has shared the stage with many talented acts and their star keeps rising. Stay on a lookout for what Eve To Adam has coming. Eve To Adam is made up of Taki Sassaris on vocals, Gaurav Bali and Adam Latiff on guitar, Aaron Baylor on bass, and drummer Alex Sassaris. Check out what Eve To Adam had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent!

BS: You guys have a great hard rock sound, what pointed you in this musical direction?
EtoA: I think we all just fell in love with hard rock when we were very young. I’m into all different styles of music but there’s nothing quite like the vibe and energy of a great live rock show. I’m not sure what it is, but when the artist and the audience are connecting there’s an energy and bond that you can’t really get in other styles of music. That’s what we live for…real rock bands tour and perform live for an audience.

BS: Have you always played hard rock?
EtoA: As I said earlier, I’m into many styles of music. I started with Indian classical music playing around the house when I was very young, but as soon as i heard an electric guitar for the first time it was all over! Even though I’ve studied different types of music over the years, I’ve always been a rock player at heart. I actually recorded an instrumental EP in the late 90’s because I couldn’t find rock band I wanted to be in, but once I joined ETA it was clear that this would be my home.

BS: As a kid what was your dream you wanted to accomplish? Is this still a dream of yours?
EtoA: Luckily, I knew what I wanted to do with my life at a very early age – about 12 years old! I’ve always wanted to be in a great rock band and be on tour playing everywhere I could. After years of practicing, studying and listening to music I get to live my dream everyday. I don’t take it for granted because bad day at work for us is still way better than a great day at an office job.

BS: You have shared the stage with many great bands, who has been your favorite and why?
EtoA: That’s a tough question…I’d say recently the tour we did with Escape the Fate was amazing. We’d never really had the opportunity to play for younger audiences until that tour and it was awesome. Their energy was completely off the hook – moshing and crowd surfing every night. There were literally kids being thrown on stage every night! It was great to know we could grab that demographic also with our music and live show….that’s important.

BS: If you could go on tour with any band who would it be and why?
EtoA: As far as modern bands go, it would have to be Stone Sour. I think they’re probably the best heavy rock band out there because they have the perfect combination of songs and musicianship that i look for in a band…I think SS and ETA would be a killer rock package. If we could tour with ANY band my choice would be Van Halen because…well, it’s VAN HALEN!!

BS: You are currently on tour with Theory of a Deadman, and going out on tour with Saliva. What has this tour been like for you? Excited to be touring with Saliva?
EtoA: It’s been great! They have a lot of heat around them right now and the shows have been going very well. We played with Adelita’s Way a couple of years ago on the Creed tour, so it’s been really cool connecting with those guys again on these dates…Saliva is gonna be fun, fun and more fun…We’ toured with them in 2008 and have stories for days about that run. I’m really looking forward to catching up with those guys!

BS: What has been the most memorable show for you and why?
EtoA: There have been so many, but if I had to pick one it would have to be the show at Mohegan Sun Arena supporting Creed in 2012. It was our first arena show and my parents were there to enjoy the moment with me…also, our manager Ian had just taken me to see Van Halen there a few weeks prior, so it was a big deal to play the same stage that VH had played recently. To step onstage and see a full arena crowd was a huge moment for all of us…it really made realize that’s the level I want to be on consistently.

BS: What has been the craziest experience you have had with a fan before?
EtoA: Well, if I told you the REALLY crazy experiences I’d have to kill you! But I think one of the craziest ones for me is when a fan recently walked up to me and showed me his EVE TO ADAM tattoo…He also wanted me to sign my name above it so he could get it tattooed above the original one. That moment was pretty overwhelming for me – to think that we had touched someone so much with our music that they felt the need get the logo tattooed on their arm…pretty crazy! You’ll have to buy my autobiography one day to hear the rest of the crazy stories…

Locked & Loaded cover art
Locked & Loaded cover art
BS: You released your latest album, Locked & Loaded, last year. How did people respond to the album?
EtoA: Response has been great! We really tried to top ourselves and expand the sound of the band as much as possible. We had the opportunity to work with some amazing writers and producers so that we could make a record that’s strong from top to bottom. We’re very proud of this album and it’s awesome that people are telling us that they throw it on and listen to the whole thing straight through. A lot of Rock fans say that quality is missing in too many modern records…so hopefully we avoided that pitfall.

BS: What songs do you seem to hear the most fans requesting to hear live?
EtoA: Well, as of right now they mainly wanna hear “Immortal” and “Straightjacket Supermodel” because those were the first 2 singles from the record. Anyone who has the album also really likes the title track, “Locked & Loaded”…and that’s a good thing considering it’s the next single! Our older fans wanna hear songs like “Run Your Mouth” and “Reach” from our previous album…and of course, there’s the die hards from the early days who want to hear songs from our first album…I’m not sure I remember how to play half those songs – it’s been years! It would be fun to bring those old songs back someday for longer sets at our headlining shows. (Too great to choose, both songs at bottom)

BS: Putting a set list together with time restraints can be tough, how do you best communicate this to fans who are disappointed or mad that they didn’t hear their favorite song?
EtoA: We try to just convey to them that we’re mainly promoting the newest album. It can definitely be difficult sometimes…As I said, If we get a bit more time, we’ll throw in some older songs. Most of them understand, but there always be fans that will say they didn’t hear their favorite song, which may be a good thing!

BS: We can’t wait to hear more from you, what else do you have in store for fans in 2014?
EtoA: Touring, touring and more touring…along with Saliva dates we’ll be headlining a few of our own show as well as playing many of the summer outdoor radio festivals and hopefully continuing through the fall.

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
EtoA: We’d like to thank the fans that have been with us for years for their continued support and thank the newer ones for joining the party. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them and we never forget that!

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