Q and A with EverGlaze

The infectiously fun EverGlaze has been making strides in their hometown of Houston and around the country. This band loves to get the crowd moving with their upbeat tempo and catchy songs. Check out what all EverGlaze had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent!

Photo courtesy of EverGlaze

BBE: What is it about this style of music that attracts you to it? 

EverGlaze: Well honestly, the fact that we are just pretty inclusive of any and all of our influences is what attracts me and keeps it creative. “Click Bang” Is one of our most straightforward songs that ended up landing in the “pop rock” category. Paying attention to the meaning of our songs while writing instrumentation is key for our songwriting.

BBE: Is this the type of music you have always wanted to make or had your sound developed over time?

EverGlaze: Yes, more than us just being so mixed in sub-genre’s we make people move and they smile, sing along, and have fun at the shows. That is an undescribable and increasing satisfying feeling each and every time.

BBE: When did you know you had something special with EverGlaze?

EverGlaze: Really it’s been a lot of trial and error with members, but because of the feedback from the crowd, promoters, venue owners, and bigger and older bands of Houston we’ve had the privilege of knowing giving us their support and friendship.

BBE: What do you feel that you have learned over the time that you have been a band?

EverGlaze: Patience and the lines of business and personal.

BBE: What is the most valuable advice you were given starting out?

EverGlaze: Don’t get sad by hearing No’s and don’t be afraid to say No, Opportunities will come if the music is right, and sometimes waiting is better.

Click Bang art

BBE: You recently released a new single, “Click Bang”. How did that song come together for you?

EverGlaze: The concept of the song and most lyrics came from a run in that was unwarranted and unwanted for Brandon. He showed the lyrics to my brother and he came up with the riff that we ended up bringing to the rest of the band and it all came together.

BBE: How the reaction to it been?

EverGlaze: It’s been pretty well slow growing but good.

BBE: Is this strictly a single release or part of a larger release to come?

EverGlaze: It’s part of a larger release to come.

BBE: What is next for your band?

EverGlaze: Our next release coming in April!

BBE: What is the best way for fans to connect with you and stay up to date on what you are doing?

EverGlaze: Our social media’s are the best way @everglazeband (Facebook/Insta)

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?

EverGlaze: We love you and thank you for the interview! 

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