Q and A with Evol Walks

BareBones Ent had the opportunity to sit down with Evol Walks. We really dig into what it is like to be Evol Walks, creating across countries, and their music. Scroll on and see what all we had to say when we chatted with Evol Walks.

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BBE: What does Evol Walks mean to you?

EW: Evol Walks is an attitude for me. Its a take no prisoners, be yourself and kick ass kinda vibe.

BBE: How would you best describe your music to new listeners?

EW: I would say our music is energetic with old school roots but modern flavour. Definitely good to bang your head to.

BBE: If you look at your first EP to your most recent release. How do you feel your band has grown over the years?

EW: We have definitely moved towards a heavier, darker sound. When we first started, my aim was to be the female AC/DC. Now, I am very much inspired by 90’s grunge and late 80’s stoner metal. We definitely have a more grown up sound.

BBE: Let’s say you absolutely have to get a song created for your album and you’re getting close to the deadline. Can you describe your ideal creating environment?

EW: I thrive under pressure. I would love to be locked in a studio for 24 hours a day just trying to get the song written and put together. My brain becomes so much more creative when there’s a bit of a deadline. It feels like I’m working towards something.

BBE: If I understand correctly the band is kind of spread out in the world. How do you feel this helps or makes the writing process more challenging?

EW: I definitely think it helps the creative process! I am lucky enough that I am able to work with songwriters and producers from all over the world- whether it is Australia, USA or Europe. It gives each song a bit of a different flavour and I love that.

BBE: You are now a few months past your release of “Sleeping With A Ghost”. What was that release like for you?

EW: “Sleeping with a Ghost” was an incredibly special song to me. I was so excited to release it and I have been really thrilled with the response. I recently did a short radio tour with the tune here in Australia and I am about to work on an acoustic version for release later this year.

BBE: How have fans reacted to the song?

EW: From what they have told me- they say its their favourite.

BBE: Are you able to share if fans can expect more releases soon?

EW: Yes! Absolutely! I am hoping to have some new music coming for you before June.

BBE: What is the best way for fans to connect with you and stay up to date on releases?

EW: Definitely Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok. I post a lot on my personal channel @adventuresinplasticland so that’s the best place to check out news first.

BBE: Anything else you would like to add?

EW: Thank you for interviewing me!

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