Q and A with Fable Cry

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Photo courtesy of Fable Cry

Fable Cry is a theatrical rock band out of Nashville, TN. This band is making a mark on the scene and is ready to share their unique sound with the world! If you’re ready for a fun ride take a look below and see what Fable Cry is all about!

BS: How did Fable Cry come together?*
FC: Zach was looking to form a band for the new incarnation of Fable Cry. Our former cellist Josh Dent, held weekly jam sessions attracting all sorts of local talent. One of these jam sessions had Zach, Josh, Scott, and I, all sitting in a circle. We played music for hours. The evening was topped off with the four of us planning our first rehearsal. We played our first show with a drummer lending his talents for the night. He wasn’t able to commit long term. My co-worker and new friend Rachel casually said she’d be happy to fill in if we ever needed a drummer. I just looked at her and was like “You know we actually do!” By our second show Rachel took reign of the drum throne and that was that. It all came together so quickly.

BS: You guys have an awesome and unique music style. How did this develop for the band?
FC: Zach is the deranged puppet master, but we all tangle the strings up in our own ways. Everyone’s personality and interests make they’re own playing unique to them. Zach is in love with the art of storytelling in any form. Films, musicals, rock operas, and whatever other weird stuff he’s into. His love of performance and storytelling provide the perfect skeleton to build on (could so easily do a “Good Doctor” joke but I wont). Scott is a super nerd with all the video game/comic t-shirts and the ability to play bass so well that he required a super bass to be custom made for his composition skills. Rachel is the toughest sci-fi loving noise making drummer I know. She always summarizes her awesome talent into one sentence. “I like to hit things”. Then theres me. I’m the one who still cries at Disney movies and somehow mixed up classical music with fiddle tunes. By listening to each other’s stories, we’ve learned to play a little less like ourselves and a little more like each other. The little monster we made is Fable Cry.

BS: What do you feel fans pull from your band that makes them enjoy your
music so much?
FC: I think its because none of us are trying to be anything other than ourselves, both on and off stage. So then the audience feels no pressure to be anything other than whom they are. The stage clothes and overall attitudes are all whatever we feel as individuals is “Fable Cry”. To one audience member that means an electric blue bodysuit, to me its corsets and hot pink boots, and to some its just the jeans they wear everyday. Everything works. I also like to think they like to bounce around to the tunes.

BS: If you could only use one of your songs to introduce people to your
band; What one would it be and why?
FC: I’ve personally been dealing out “Dead or Alive” links like crazy. A lot of our songs are dark and spooky. This tune is obviously no exception, but I can see this ghost story happening in some sweet underground rave where all the creeps are having the best time. And I already know dance moves.

BS: If you could have created any song in history, what would it be and why
FC: I kind of want to hit this one into left field though so I’m going to go with Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5”. Every time I’d hear “Bum bum bum bummmmm”, I’d be like “YEAH! That was me.”

BS: I loved your video for “Dead or Alive (For Now). How did that video
come together?
FC: With a lot of paint. So much paint. Of course the process started with our dear Zach and Ryan Rehnborg of Surly Urchin Studios. The two have been making movies together since they started in the backyard as kids. They made some big script, which seemed impossible to shove into a four and a half minute video. The script gave us the characters and scenes to paint. We sat in Zach’s living room watching old timey black and white horror movies while painting shirts, candlesticks, table clothes, backdrops, and anything and everything else. Hours of expertly done makeup, of course by Coco Bridges, and a green screen later. Poof. Music Video! The entire process took about a year. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

BS: How have fans reacted to the song and video?
FC: Most of the fans have just been shocked that we were the faces behind all the makeup. Everyone looks so wildly different. This was also the first video where each band member had they’re own screen time to introduce themselves. The fans seem to know each of us a little better after the video.
[See the video at the bottom!]

BS: Whats next for your band?
FC: We’ve been on the road more and more. The last year was mostly spent on polishing the album and making music videos. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it to you’re city next.

BS: When can fans expect to see you in their city next?
FC: What a transition! As a band we now have souvenir key chains from Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, North Carolina and a few others. Bigger tours are in the books and our eyes are currently set on the North East. Feeling
a need to take a bite out of the big apple and some crabs in Baltimore (Rachel is super insistent about it). Many stops are on the road. Maybe you can let us know where to stop next.

BS: What is the best way for fans to get ahold of you?
FC: Pick a social media, any social media! The best would probably be our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/fablecry/. Or the email, fablecry@yahoo.com

BS: Anything else you would like to add?
FC: When it comes down to it. Fable Cry is fun. The music industry, in music
city nonetheless, puts on a lot of pressure to follow the formula. For me,
Fable Cry is a chance to forget about all that stuff, and focus on the fun. Shows should be exciting, not a calculated, Instagram ready moment. We can promise #nofilters.

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