Q and A with Fact Pattern

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Barebones Ent sat down with the genre-blending band, Fact Pattern to discuss their band and their upcoming EP. Take a stroll with us as we discover things all about Face Pattern and what they have been up to!

Photo courtesy of Fact Pattern

BS: How did you guys come together to form Fact Pattern?

FP: It began as a studio project that required collaborators to reach its full potential in the live setting. Jack (bass) was a bandmate of mine from a previous project, so he just came on board when the timing was right and we began writing. Raanen (drums) was put in touch with us by our mutual friend and we just clicked.

BS: What is it about your band that makes it special for people to check out?

FP: We feel it’s an interesting blend of industrial, metal, and some pop sensibilities. People can bang their head to these songs, but also dance to them.

BS: You have a song out now called, “My Guard Down”. What was the writing process behind that song like?

FP: It was a lot of fun putting that one together. It basically started with a simple seed melody on synth and just felt like it wrote itself from that point forward.

BS: How have people responded to it?

FP: So far, it’s been extremely positive! We’ve had strangers and friends alike messaging us to say how it’s stuck in their heads and they’ve been passing it along to others.

BS: You’ve been hard at work on your full length album. How long have you been working on it?

FP: More or less for about a year now. We began all of the demos last November in seclusion out in Joshua Tree. Then we spent this year ironing them all out.

BS: What really stands out to you about this album that fans should be excited about?

FP: Those familiar with our first EP, we think, will appreciate how we took that sound and reshaped it with more focus on hooks to compliment the heaviness. We explored more textures on modular synth, as well as the intricacies of Raanen’s drums and their interplay with the programmed elements. Plus, the guitars and bass are much more aggressive and dynamic than before.

BS: Any details you can give us on it?

FP: It is tentatively scheduled for a February release. It’s comprised of 10 tracks and has a run time of about 43 minutes. Each song feels pretty different in approach, but it all feels very much from the same breath. One track will be very straightforward industrial, then next will be doomy with an ethereal landscape. We really wanted to expand our sound from song to song.

BS: Once you complete and get the album out what is next for you?

FP: Lots and lots of live shows! We’ve been missing the stage most of this year, so that’s our main priority going forward.

BS: What is the best way for people to keep up with your music and reach out to you?

FP: We are, of course, on all social media platforms





We also recommend subscribing to our newsletter, “Accelerating Entropy”, which you can submit to via factpattern@gmail.com. That’s the most direct way to receive our updates.

BS: Anything else you’d like to add?

FP: We have a new single and video planned for release in December. We’re excited for that and everything we have planned for 2019, so stay tuned!

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