Q and A with Falling Still

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Photo courtesy of Renee Harrison
Photo courtesy of Renee Harrison

Falling Still a rock band out of Los Angeles, CA took some time to chat with BareBones Ent.  The band is made up of Eric Podner and Brett Hamilton on Vocals and guitar, and Jeremy Cull on drums.  Check out what these fun rockers had to say to BareBones Ent.  

BS: How long has Falling Still been together?

FS: About ten years.

BS: If I understand this correct you all are old friends and made the move from Ohio to Los Angeles? What made you want to make this move?

FS: The perfect storm of boredom and opportunity.

BS: What do you think are some of the benefits of being in a band with some of your oldest friends?

FS: Trust, predictability, and all the handjobs you can stand.

BS: The differences in the music scene between LA and Akron, OH must be massive.  What are some examples you can think of how they differ?

FS: We were never really involved in much of a music scene in Akron. We played around a little here and there, but not enough to comment on the differences. The Los Angeles music scene, however, is a brutal grind that should only be endured by the most severe gluttons of punishment.

BS: How has playing in LA benefited the band?

FS: The same way being in an aquarium benefits a fish. we’re not really free to swim around much, but at least we’re in the water.

Photo courtesy of Renee Harrison
Photo courtesy of Renee Harrison

BS: You recently released a new EP earlier this year.  What song was the most fun for you to record and why?

FS:  We were upset about some of the decisions we made in the self-titled EP, so we just went back to work – and did everything a bit differently. Hot Piss was the first time we ever had full control over the recording process, so all of the songs were much more fun to get out than anything we’d recorded in the past.

BS: What has been the most challenging song for you to either write or play and why?

FS: we’ve recently discovered that writing and recording songs really shouldn’t be that challenging. as long as it’s done with the proper amount of sincerity, focus, and enthusiasm, it will be beautiful. And even if that wasn’t the case, we would never admit it.

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

FS: Falling Still loves you. watch our music video for “I’m Pissed” – it’s fucking hilarious

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