Q and A With Famous Last Words

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Photo courtesy of Famous Last Words

BareBones got the opportunity to talk with Post-Hardcore band Famous Last Words about their amazing fans, tours, and so much more.  Take a look at the conversation that we had.

BS:  You guys are a little hard to find information on, but it seems you have quickly gained a loyal following.  What can you tell us about yourselves as a band?

 FLW: We are a Post Hardcore band from Petoskey, MI.  We’ve released a Demo CD called “In Your Face” about a year ago, and in January of this year we released our EP, “Pick Your Poison”, which we have toured across Canada and all across the U.S.


BS:  How long have you been together as Famous Last Words?

FLW: The line up we have right now as a band with Jt (Vocals), Ethan Osborn (Guitar), Tyler Myklebust (Guitar), Jesse Maddy (Bass), and Craig Simons (Drums) has been together for about a year now.


BS:  How does it feel to know you have been able to build a strong fan base so quickly? 

FLW: It’s a very surreal feeling to see so much positive feedback from so many people. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to Tour across the country and spread our music to our fans.


BS:  I actually discovered you guys through the cover of Hollywood Undead’s “Comin’ In Hot”.  What made you guys want to cover that song?

FLW:  We all just thought the song was extremely catchy and fun. Plus we thought we could do a good job incorporating our sound into that song. Just a really fun song to cover.


BS:  Have you done multiple covers of songs or was that your first?  What one is your favorite to play? 

FLW: The Comin’ In Hot cover was actually our second cover we did. The first cover the band did was a cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. Both songs were interesting to cover, but we usually only play originals live.


BS:  Your EP “Pick Your Poison” has been out since early this year, what has the response been like for it?

FLW: It’s been an awesome response for the most part. Of course you’ll get your occasional haters here and there, but other than that it’s been great.


BS:  The songs all sound really good, and leave people wanting to hear more from you.  Can we expect a full-length album debut soon?

FLW: We actually just tracked our full length this past June with Nick Sampson (lead guitarist of I Am Abomination) the tracks are being sent over to Joey Sturgis for Post Production/ Mixing/ Mastering and we should see that coming out sometime this January.


BS:  What are your plans for your next album?

FLW:  The next album is actually a concept album that takes you into the mind of a Schizophrenic maniac who has a new neighbor move in next door. He ends up falling madly in love with her just to find out that her heart is already taken by another man. The record shows the inner struggles of a psychopath in love, and how far he will go for the girl of his dreams, even if it means self-sacrifice, dark secrets, and murder. The album will be released with a short story. The CD follows in a very “Broadway Musical” style record layout.

[The album sounds like it is going to be great.  I love the concept and can’t wait to hear it!]

BS:  So from what I saw “Starting Over” is about JT’s daughter?  Can you possibly explain that to us some? (VIDEO AT END OF INTERVIEW)

FLW: Being on tour, you have to be away from your loved ones frequently for a good chunk of time. The song is basically about how hard it is to do just that. Being away from your friends is and family is rough, and even harder when you have to be away from your own kids.


BS:  I really like the song Snowmageddon, What was the inspiration behind that song?

FLW: That song was actually inspired by one of our member’s dogs passing away. It seems that whenever a pet passes, they always go under a deck, behind the house, or out in the woods to pass on. It’s kind of a crazy insight into what goes through a dogs mind when they pass and why they feel it necessary to die alone away from the people who cared for them their entire life.


BS:  What bands do you feel have influenced your music as a band and why?

FLW: We listen to a lot of band ranging from Pop punk, to metal, to hip-hop. We try to draw inspiration from all genres of music when we write.


BS:  How extensive of a tour are you currently on?  Where is there left that people might be able to come out and see you guys?

FLW: We have been on 3 tours since we originally left home. The first tour was with From Atlantis and Restless Streets. After that tour we went out west and back with City Lights, Us, From Outside, and To Each His Own. Then after that tour we went back out west with Lions Lions, Betrayal, and Mychildren Mybride. We are currently headed back east with Lions Lions.


BS:  If given the opportunity to tour with any band, who would you choose and why?

FLW: Bands like We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, or any other bands in that genre would be good for us to tour with. It’s always nice to tour with bands similar to our genre so it is almost guaranteed that their fan base will like our music.


BS:  I expect to hear even more great things from you guys, is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

FLW: Keep checking in on our Facebook (www.facebook.com/famouslastwordsmusic) for updates on the new album and new tour dates. Also we want to thank all of our fans for the support they have given us this past year, and we hope you are all stoked for what is to come!

With the continual growth of this groups strong fan base and more quality hits being released; it is easy to say that Famous Last Words is going places.  Keep an eye out for this band, and the album they discussed.  Head on over to their Facebook page and give them a like and check out some more of their music like what is below.

Starting Over – Famous Last Words

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