Q and A with Fine Fine Titans

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Fine Fine Titans is a post hardcore band out of Grand Rapids, MI that has effectively been carving out their spot in the scene. With their debut album, Renaissance out now the band is ready to take on the world. Keep a lookout for this band and what is to come!

BS: Fine Fine Titans have been on quite the tear over the past couple years.  How do you feel about how the band has developed and grown over the years?
Nate: Being the newest member, I’m not sure how to answer since I haven’t witnessed the entire story of the band, however I can say with confidence that this lineup is quite amazing!

Evan: I’m really excited about how the band has grown and developed. With the addition of Nate on drums and Brit on guitar, I
feel like the band is stronger than it has ever been. Really happy with what everyone is putting in with their talents and can’t wait to see what we come up with in the future.

Brit: Being newer to the band and filling in at prior points, I think right now, it’s the best its ever been. It’s a great, solid team that is awesome for building a foundation on with lots of creative input. I think with this group, we have a lot to look forward to.

BS: What do you think it is about Fine Fine Titans that makes you stand out? Why should people check you out?
Nate: I think we stand out because we all bring something fresh to the table as individual artists, and through collaboration, we are focused on diversifying our sound. There can only be one!

Brit: I would say it’s the combination of being heavy, in-your-face with airy landscapes that attract people. Music today is so different than how it was 10 years ago with tools and influences that let creativity flow and that is something to be proud of. This is definitely part of that showing many kinds of emotions all over one record.

Jenn: Something that has always been important to me when it comes to the musicians that I admire and respect is the transparency, honesty and true integrity that they offer. Above all else, I’ve wanted to carry that same inspiration on through the music and personal connection to the listeners.

BS: I think you have a great and natural sound to your music for the band.  Has that always been your style?
Evan: Well thank you, that means a lot! I think that it’s just a culmination of how all of us approach writing. We really take the time to ensure everything flows naturally and try not to overthink things too much. If it comes out naturally and we like it, it sticks. If not, well then it just doesn’t make the cut.

Brit: I don’t believe so. Every band takes time to grow and mature into finding a sound that is right for that group of people. With the help of our producer Randy Roswell, we’ve really sculpted something special here. Now that Nate is in the picture, I think all of our creative input will only lead to something even more natural and refreshing.

Jenn: That is very kind but I’m not sure I would call achieving a natural sound a style but more so an effort, if that does in fact ring true. We have certainly evolved as musicians throughout our lives and the collaborative effort as a band has evolved in many ways partly because the lineup has been different for every record. Personally, I was certainly stepping out of my own boundaries in a very uncomfortable way on our first EP Arms and still to this day, it’s difficult for me to listen to because all I hear are growing pains in my vocals. I eventually came around to a much more confident vocalist and lyricist throughout the records and in Renaissance, I felt the most connected. I suppose it chalks up to the natural progression of an artist and that has really become apparent to me in Evan’s ability and style as well. Like Brit and Nate previously mentioned, they are recent family but even in the past year, it’s been fun to watch the organic shift.

BS: You released a few videos in support of your debut album, Renaissance. Which one was the most fun to make and why?
Nate: Probably the RudeTube video. That was a lot of fun to make and also had a great response from fans online. I think it showed that we are not the type of band to take things personal.

Evan: For me personally it would be “I Just Saw a Ghost”. From the people involved to the locations used for the shoot, it was a ton of fun and we are all really happy with how it came out.

Brit: Making “I Just Saw A Ghost” was probably the most fun for me. We had a really cool space to shoot in with a very cool concept. Plus having friend T.J Miller around is always a treat. It was a really great environment and was a lot of fun connecting as a group. Three Goats Productions is always a pleasure to work with as well.

Jenn: “Mistress” all the way! Maybe that’s selfish of me because I had a heavy hand in writing, acting, hair/makeup/wardrobe for the video and the guys in Three Goats really made that fun for me. I would make music video production a living if someone allowed me to…especially if I have to keep running through the woods in a little dress with an awful b-rated-horror-film frightened face (I’ll get better at acting, I swear.)
[Check out the video for “I Just saw A Ghost” below and continue on]

BS: What was it like for you creating and working on your debut album?  
Nate: Unfortunately, I played no part in making this latest record but I’m very excited to begin working on the next one!

Evan: This time around it was pretty stressful, but we definitely took the time to ensure we were all having fun with it. Going through a lineup change in the middle of writing definitely shook things up a bit, but in the end we all came together and created something that we’re ecstatic about.

Brit: Hectic to say the least. Lots of long nights and tedious tracking coming up with new ideas and experimenting with new sounds. Evan and myself stepped into territories that we weren’t use to, which was healthy for us musically, challenging our talents making us better players. All time the put into the album was very much worth the effort.

BS: What is the hardest part about recording an album that fans may not know?
Nate: I think the hardest part is finding a way to sound palatable and different at the same time. Every artist wants to be unique, but with an over-saturated industry, it’s very hard to do that. In studio, it’s important to be very critical and meticulous over the little details.

Evan: For me it’s probably how much each and every person in the band can second-guess themselves. Luckily within our band, we are very supportive of each other and can help out when needed, but you’re constantly second-guessing a part you wrote and wondering if you can do it better or not.

Jenn: Maintaining focus can be strenuous for someone like me. When I’m in the vocal booth, there is a strong tendency for me to be overly-critical and extremely hard on myself as I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I constantly have to remind myself to relax and focus on the meaning of the lyrics and the emotion of the song instead of hanging myself on every. single. little. interval. Other times, I compensate too much and get completely caught up in the emotion and then I lose it, my voice cracks and I choke up and I’m an utter mess. Stomach in my throat and I’m eating mascara and snot. Seriously a mess.

BS: If you could pick one song off of the album to play for someone to introduce them to your band; what would it be and why?
Nate: “I just saw a ghost” – I think it really captured the sound of the band, or the direction we are interested in moving towards.

Evan: I would probably start with a song like “Mistress” because I feel that even though it’s a little bit more upbeat than most of our stuff, it still has a heaviness to it and is most likely to suit the tastes of more people.

Brit: My personal favorite is “Appetite”. It’s a fast, high energy track with a swinging catch, and a vocal/guitar hook in  the chorus that I think, would be leaving people wanting more.

Jenn: I would pick “In All Your Glory”  simply because the first time Evan and I heard the song again after it was mixed and sent back (a few months after recording), we couldn’t believe what we were hearing. We didn’t recognize our own song and it was liberating and exciting. How it affects other people, I’m not sure, but it grabbed our attention in an unprecedented way.

BS: What type of feedback have you received on Renaissance? What does that mean to you?
Nate: Lots of great feedback, of course, but most importantly helpful critical feedback. I’m more interested in how people think we can improve rather than hearing “great job” over and over without any useful insight.

Evan: The feedback has been amazing so far. With the massive change in our sound I was a bit on edge as we started to roll out songs and even though we all loved it, I was curious to see what everyone thought of it. Luckily everyone I’ve talked to so far has been super supportive and said nothing but great things.

Brit: Everything that I have heard has been very positive. A lot of people were not expecting this kind of sound out of us compared to the last couple records that were recorded. To me, it means we’re moving in the right direction. When people are surprised, that usually means something good has happened. I think I can speak for everyone in the band saying that this is something that we are all very proud of and can’t wait to show the world.

Jenn: I’ve read a few negative remarks. Comments of thin screams, “cheesy” guitar breakdowns, a trend of “very poorly-spoken word” that radiates through the album. On the same token, I’ve read “wicked screams,” “ vocals as precious a gem,”  and “deep enthralling spoken word” in another review. So you know, you win some and you burn some. We will keep writing regardless.

BS: Is there a supporting tour planned for the album?  Any details you can share about the tour?
Evan: We’re working on quite a bit of shows at the moment, though they’re mostly one-off’s, but we do plan on hitting the road for some tours earlier in the new year and can’t wait to see everyone at the shows.

BS: If someone hasn’t been to one of your shows before what should they expect to see and experience?
Nate: A great performance, lots of energy, good music and fun. We like to have fun and like to bring fans into that vibe.

Evan: Lots of energy, passion and fun. To us, the live side of what we do is most important and we always put everything we have into every show we play. We try to grab everyone’s attention and take them for a ride every time we hit the stage.

Brit: High energy and high emotion. We have parts that will make you groove with your friends and parts that will make you really think. The only way to best describe it, is to experience it yourself!

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans out there?
Nate: We love you, we are nothing without you. You are fine fine titans, and we hope to see you all for many years!

Evan: Thanks to everyone who has continuously supported us over the years. You have more than filled the drive to keep going and keep creating. Hopefully we’ll see all of you real soon!

Brit: We are extremely thankful for all of your support and willingness to give us a chance. We are what you make us and we thank you for all of that.

Jenn: Later, gators.

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