Q and A with Forget Me In Vegas

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Photo Courtesy of band Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy of band Facebook Page

Forget Me In Vegas is a pop rock band out of Rochester, New York that features very catchy and fun songs.  This band has found the right chemistry in their trio of talented musicians. Vocalist Chris Wurzburg, guitarist Jamie Okrzyinski, and drummer Joe Raymond make up Forget Me In Vegas. Check out what the band had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent.

BS: How long has the current line up of Forget Me In Vegas been together?

FMIV: The current line up has been together for a little over a year now and honestly we couldn’t be happier with the three of us being the driving force behind this band.

BS: What does this line up bring to the band that you have not had before?

FMIV: This line up just works well together in terms of functioning as a band.  Everyone has different jobs that they need to make sure get done in order for the band as a whole to function in a healthy and professional manner.  The chemistry between us that allows for that to happen is something that the past lineups didn’t have.

BS: You guys have made quite a few covers.  What do you enjoy about doing covers?

FMIV: Covers are a great way for us to market ourselves to new audiences as well as a great way for us to grow as musicians.  We’re always up for a challenge and taking someone else’s song and making it your own is definitely challenging. It helps keep our creativity up and helps us avoid writers block.

BS: Are there any songs that you are really itching to cover? 

FMIV: There’s a bunch of songs on our list right now. I know that we’ve all agreed that we’d love to cover the song “Chocolate” by the 1975 but I’m not sure that’ll be our next cover. Our last cover we did was “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. We had studio time booked to record a cover and if I’m not mistaken we changed what song we were doing 3 different times before actually getting into the studio so I guess you could say we have cover A.D.D. hahaha

BS: What bands have inspired the music that you make?

FMIV: A lot of bands have inspired us Brand New, Blink-182, Forever The Sickest Kids, Anarbor, and Go Radio have had a fairly large influence on us individually as musicians.

BS: In the past year you released a new EP, Coulda-Shoulda, what has the response been like for it?

FMIV: The response to Coulda-Shoulda has been amazing! We’ve gotten a lot of support and kind reviews from all sorts of publications and everyone that we’ve had the chance to speak with has expressed that they really enjoy the record a lot.  We’re really proud of how that whole record came out but I must say we’re even more stoked on our new material and can’t wait to share it with the masses!

BS: The single “High” is a great song.  What was the inspiration behind the song?

FMIV: “High” is just a very catchy, upbeat, “happy-go-lucky” kind of jam and it actually started out as a song titled “Brazilian Bride” about Chris’ girlfriend from Brazil. As the song changed and became better polished while recording it with Christian Medice down in New York we decided that completely different lyrics would better suit the song.  Chris rewrote the entire song lyrically in the studio in about 3 hours. It was really interesting to see it morph from the original pre-production demo we cut in Chris’ room to the final product that is “High”.

BS: What song is your favorite to play live, and why?

FMIV: I’d have to say that our favorite song to play live would be “High” or “Destined To Fall”.  “High” is so fun and bouncy and we try to get everyone in the crowd hopping on beat with us, it’s just got a lot of energy that our fans seem to feed off of. “Destined To Fall” is also extremely fun to perform because it’s just so rocky and has a lot of energy too. We’re all about energy.

BS: Do you have any tours planned for 2013?

FMIV: Nothing is set in stone yet for any big tours in 2013. We’re focusing on making our next record the best we possibly can and getting that out as soon as possible before we dig into booking tours. I can say that you can definitely expect to see FMIV in the northeast region frequently after the next record comes out. We’ve also been making plans with some bands that we’re good friends with to try to make a more extensive tour happen before the end of the year!

BS: If you could go on tour with any band who would it be? And why?

FMIV: It would be incredible to tour with Anarbor. We’ve always been huge fans of those guys and I think our personalities together on the road would make for one hell of a party haha. We’d also love to tour with RadioDriveBy because we’ve been talking about making that happen forever and once it finally does, lives will never be the same.

BS: What else do you have planned for 2013?

FMIV: Well we’re going to have a new record out over the summer; we’re going to be touring to support that, a couple of music videos and lyric videos as well. We’re going to have an indiegogo crowd funding campaign for our next record so a lot of new merch and limited edition items will be available to anyone willing to help us get these songs recorded. Finally we’re really hoping to win our regional slot on the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands Warped Tour stage for our third year in a row.

BS: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

FMIV: Hey High Rollers! We just want to say thank you for giving us a shot and being interested enough in us to read an interview.  Everything that we’ve accomplished has been a direct result of your support and we truly believe that together we can do anything. Keep up the amazing work and spreading the word. If you haven’t yet download all of our music for free on our Bandcamp! www.forgetmeinvegas.bandcamp.com you just have to enter your email address and $0.00 and you can have our entire discography! Also if you have a second please take a second to vote for us to play this years Warped Tour; we’re trying for three years in a row! www.battleofthebands.com/u/forgetmeinvegas Thank you guys again for everything!

Connect with FMIV: Facebook/Twitter

Connect with BareBones Ent: Facebook/Twitter

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